getting html file from IE control (WebBrowser2) in dialog based MFC application


I have MFC dialog based application hosting IE control.
It successfuly displays any URL i want.

I'm trying to read html opened in IE control. I know there are few ways to do it - I've read exisitng posts and implemented solution using IPersistFile. It doesn't work.

Here's microsoft example for it :

Here's my code :

void CTesterDlg::OnDocumentComplete(LPDISPATCH pDispatch, VARIANT FAR* URL)

    HRESULT          hr    = E_FAIL;
    IDispatch*       pDisp = NULL;
    IHTMLDocument2*  pDoc  = NULL;
    pDisp                  = m_browser.GetDocument();

      //pDisp = pDispatch;
      if(SUCCEEDED(hr = pDisp->QueryInterface(IID_IHTMLDocument2,(void**)&pDoc)))
            IPersistFile*      pFile      =      NULL;
                  LPCOLESTR      file = L"c:\\test1.htm";

1) in debug mode i see that (LPDISPATCH pDispatch) which i get as parameter is different from
    pDisp = m_browser.GetDocument();.  Why is that ?

2) If i use LPDISPATCH pDispatch which i get as parameter , firts query fails.
    If i use    pDisp = m_browser.GetDocument()   (as shown in MS example) ,
    firts query succeded , but second query fails.  In debug mode i can see that pDoc equals to pDisp and that pFile is 0x000000 as it should be.

Any ideas why second query fails ?
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Roshan DavisCommented:
Searched result (from ShaunWilde)

void CBD::OnDocumentComplete(LPDISPATCH pDisp, LPCTSTR lpszURL)
     CComQIPtr<IWebBrowser2,&IID_IWebBrowser2> iWb = pDisp;
     HRESULT hr;
     CString szData; // this is where it will all end up
     if (iWb)
          LPDISPATCH pDocDisp=NULL;
          if ((S_OK==hr) && pDocDisp)
               CComQIPtr<IHTMLDocument2> iDoc = pDocDisp ;
               if (iDoc)
                    // get the body element
                    IHTMLElement * pBodyElement=NULL;
                    if (pBodyElement)

                         CComBSTR szBody;
                         // get the data


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c1727130Author Commented:

This code actually works , BUT..
The data saved to file by this code insn't identical to real content of loaded document  , in other words it's not the  same
as "view source".

The file i load into IE contol is XML file , and when i click view source i noly see few xml structures.
But , when i opened file saved this code , it has many additional XML tags.

What can be done in such case ?
c1727130Author Commented:
just correcting myself : many additional HTML tags.

example :

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
- <MOB>
  <MESSAGE>Invalid Function</MESSAGE>

saved by above code :
<BODY class=st><DIV class=e><SPAN class=b>&nbsp;</SPAN> <SPAN class=m>&lt;?</SPAN><SPAN class=pi>xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" </SPAN><SPAN class=m>?&gt;</SPAN> </DIV>

<DIV class=e>

<DIV class=c style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1em; TEXT-INDENT: -2em"><A class=b onfocus=h() onclick="return false" href="#">-</A> <SPAN class=m>&lt;</SPAN><SPAN class=t>MOB</SPAN><SPAN class=m>&gt;</SPAN></DIV>


<DIV class=e>

<DIV style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1em; TEXT-INDENT: -2em"><SPAN class=b>&nbsp;</SPAN> <SPAN class=m>&lt;</SPAN><SPAN class=t>FUNCTION</SPAN> <SPAN class=m>/&gt;</SPAN> </DIV></DIV>

<DIV class=e>

<DIV class=c style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1em; TEXT-INDENT: -2em"><A class=b onfocus=h() onclick="return false" href="#">-</A> <SPAN class=m>&lt;</SPAN><SPAN class=t>PARAMS</SPAN><SPAN class=m>&gt;</SPAN></DIV>


<DIV class=e>

<DIV style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1em; TEXT-INDENT: -2em"><SPAN class=b>&nbsp;</SPAN> <SPAN class=m>&lt;</SPAN><SPAN class=t>RETCODE</SPAN><SPAN class=m>&gt;</SPAN><SPAN class=tx>1</SPAN><SPAN class=m>&lt;/</SPAN><SPAN class=t>RETCODE</SPAN><SPAN class=m>&gt;</SPAN> </DIV></DIV>

<DIV class=e>

<DIV style="MARGIN-LEFT: 1em; TEXT-INDENT: -2em"><SPAN class=b>&nbsp;</SPAN> <SPAN class=m>&lt;</SPAN><SPAN class=t>MESSAGE</SPAN><SPAN class=m>&gt;</SPAN><SPAN class=tx>Invalid Function</SPAN><SPAN class=m>&lt;/</SPAN><SPAN class=t>MESSAGE</SPAN><SPAN class=m>&gt;</SPAN> </DIV></DIV>

<DIV><SPAN class=b>&nbsp;</SPAN> <SPAN class=m>&lt;/</SPAN><SPAN class=t>PARAMS</SPAN><SPAN class=m>&gt;</SPAN></DIV></DIV></DIV>

<DIV><SPAN class=b>&nbsp;</SPAN> <SPAN class=m>&lt;/</SPAN><SPAN class=t>MOB</SPAN><SPAN class=m>&gt;</SPAN></DIV></DIV></DIV></BODY>
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try the following

                                    MSHTML::IHTMLDocument2Ptr spHtmlDocument(spDisp);
                                    MSHTML::IHTMLElementPtr spHtmlElement;
                                    _bstr_t str ;
                                    str=spBrowser->GetLocationURL();//URL of IE window();
                                    MSHTML::IHTMLDocument3* pHTMLDoc3;
                                    HRESULT hr = spHtmlDocument->QueryInterface(__uuidof(MSHTML::IHTMLDocument3),(LPVOID*)&pHTMLDoc3);
                                    MSHTML::IHTMLElement* pDocElem;
                                    hr = pHTMLDoc3->get_documentElement(&pDocElem);
                                    BSTR bstrHTML;
c1727130Author Commented:
OnegaZhang ,

Thanks for your code - it works also.
Now , i think i understand what is the problem , but i dont know how to solve it.

1) Here's screenshot of  XML output as shown in my hosted WebBrowser control :

2) Here's screenshot of notepad , when clicking on "View source" of this hosted WebBrowser :

and that's what i'm willing to get !!

3) Here's screenshot of buffer i get when executing code for extracting html content :

Now , the question is if it's possible to get same output as generated by "view source" ?!
Maybe i should executre the "View Source" command , copy to buffer content of Notepad and then close it ?

Your help very appreciated,
c1727130Author Commented:
I guess i should solve this by downloading file instead of navigating to it. Thanks for both of you , i'll split points.
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