HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error

Hello everybody,

"HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error" sounds very very familiar, but I am not able to solve my problem :(

We have to submit offline data to a https site in a sequence(page by page). I am successful for the 1st and 2nd page postings.
But for the last page post, I am getting this "HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error" error message.
I am appending the sessionIDs each time with the urls, and also passing all valid data as form variable values.
When  try avoiding the sessionID (jsessionid) variable from the URL, the result is setting back to the entry page (which looks like a session timeout error). Also when I pass a wrong sessionID (jsessionid) the result is setting back to the entry page (again session time out).
my URL looks like ";jsessionid=0000YREAJVBOD5D4A5P4POG2ZLA:uakaaafh".

We thought, perhaps since their site uses couple of JavaScripts, first debug their site attaching mozilla's plugin Venkman. I tried debugging using Venkman, but their javascript is not doing(to the extend I understood) any URL rewriting.

I am running out of ideas :( and we are looking forward to submit the data as early as possible..
Can someone help me out showering the ideas ?
we use the following ackages->;;

thanks in advance for any kind of suggestions / helps


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That problem happens when you have some variables those are null... You need to put condition when variable is null make it something else..

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Ask the server admin to look up the error in the web server logs for your IP/timestamp that the error occurs.  The Internet Server Error refers to something going wrong with the script/program on the server side.  

Change you browser settings below to look at the exact error message.
Tools->Options->Advanced->Under Browsing Uncheck the option Show Friendly HTTP Error Messges. This will show the correct error and it will be easier to debug.
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sudhaRVAuthor Commented:
thanks for the responses.
 Raj, it is sure that I am not posting any null values as I have some valid  constants posting at the moment.
ajparame, I am not trying to post any values via web browser. I have an offline posting through my program using HttpURLConnection.
CBozeman, its like our strategy doesn't let our client know through which way they are receiving data from us. Here the problem lies :-( Otherwise the very first thing I would have done was call them up and ask to look up their log file for the requests from us.

If not too much problem, could you post the code of the third page.
Did get any response from the user. How do we know that our suggestion didn't work?
Point split
sudhaRVAuthor Commented:

sorry for the late response. Well I had been shifted to another work and I kept this task as pending.
I could ressolve the problem last week. One of the variable I posted to the site was a wrong one. The site has a lot of java script validations and it was re-assigning one of the variable in its javascript, which I missed in my program. I was posting with a wrong data to this variable which later led to  HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error.

I would like the points to be splitted among Raj and  CBozeman.

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