openwebmail problem

Hi Experts,
I installed Openwebmail on my Linux Box, but whem I try to login with user name and password I get an error message saying cannot create user directory how could i solve this problem, openwebmail forum is down at the moment

thanks in adavance
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Perhaps your userid doesn't own its home directory?
If that was the case, a command-line login would probably work OK, but logging in via webmail or any kind of GUI would probably fail.
rcinformaticaAuthor Commented:
Hi there,

thanks for the answer, the problem is that I have reistalled openwebmail after a crash, I believe before I had the directories /home/user that belonged to users, but now I don't want to recreate all the direcories so I am just looking for a workaround to enable the auto creation of the home directories via web mail when users log in, do you have any suggestion?

thanks for your time
I think you will be forced to recreate the users' home directories by hand.

Quickest way is probably to harvest the usernames and directory names from /etc/passwd (assuming that you're not using NIS / LDAP / etc for authentication).

The following command should output a set of commands to recreate all your home directories:
 awk '{FS=":";print "mkdir " $6;print "chown " $1 " " $6}' < /etc/passwd

(I suggest you capture the output and check it before actually running the commands)

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rcinformaticaAuthor Commented:
Hi thanks for that solution, last question is there a way to recreate only mail users instead of all users, my mail user names are like:


and so on,
or else how I could capture the output and check it before actually running the commands with a simple script

thanks again
1. Shove the commands into a file called "" like so:

 awk '{FS=":";print "mkdir " $6;print "chown " $1 " " $6}' < /etc/passwd  >

2. Now edit "" with your favourite text editor, to get rid of the non-mail users

3. Finally, run the commands like this:


(Note that the leading ". " is required because "" doesn't have a "#!/bin/sh" as its first line)


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rcinformaticaAuthor Commented:
thanks Matt it worked perfectly

take care
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