How to align the lens of Samsung CD ROM Drive SC-152

I have a samsung 52x cd rom drive. It does not recognize any disc and gives "device not ready".
I need to realign the lens. I know how to open the drive. Can anyone tell me how to align the lens.
Please dont suggest to me check data cables, power cables, test it on other PC , buy a new
one etc. I am sure that the drive requires a lens realignment. So if any one can tell me how to do that.

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i would suggest contacting Samsung for that, but i doubt if they will be willing to tell you that.
 I should think it is a self -adjusting sytem they use.
Other than lens cleaning, i never saw another possibility than to put in another drive
Might be worth more trouble than buying a new cd-rom.  20 bucks for a new 52x burner.
I concur with the above. Optical drive are very cheap. You may just want to upgrade and  replace the drive with a DVD-ROM drive.
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I agree with above comments.  Actually in fact you should not try to do this your self as the device uses a laser and this can be very dangerous if you get it wrong.  Either return to the manufacturer or buy an new one.


The lens adjustment is typically controlled by a routine in ROM and is only effective if there is no mechanical failure. Years ago (2X - 16X) there were customized software routines that would be able to adjust the alignment (because of quality issues), but often manufacturers would block the end users ability to flash the needed adjustments to unused space on the PROM. I have never come across a CDROM that actually had a mechanical alignment aspect.

It is fun to try though...

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I have in the past corrected a problem with a Sony CD-R, it was going through the motions of writing a CD but it would always still be blank afterit said the CD was finished being written. I fixed this by opening the drive and moving the head as near to the centre of the drive as possible.
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