Build dynamic query in C++

hello experts,

I am getting used to code in C++, so not so strong is what i am having trouble with. I have a SQL select stmt in which i need to pass a String var as a concatenttion to complete the qry based on values passed to the column. An example of what i am talking abt is :


Original SQL in the ap:

sqry = "SElect col1,col2,col3 from table A where col1 = something and col2 = something"

Now the requirement is :

I have built a string like

str = " And col3 in ( "A") ";

I need to add the above "str" in the prev qry in the end .

Any help in this will be greatful


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is sqry a string variable?

You can try this:

sqry= sqry +str;

If sqry  is a char* or char[], use strcat(char*, char*); API

If not, please put more code so I can help you.
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TheHartfordAuthor Commented:
Alright What grade do u require ? I just saw ur post and tried my code ,, it worked so i clicked the "Accept" button...
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If my answer helped you then I would appreciate a deserved grade.
If it did not and you were not satisfied, I don;t mind.

Allthough I would hvae liked to get an "A".
Thanks and Good Luck.
TheHartfordAuthor Commented:
Is there a way to change the grade,..I will more than happy to do that..i dont how do it me the way and i change it...

I think if you just put a not in Subject

"Reopen question, want to change grade"

and in the Body send the URL to the concerned question which is as below

It might work.

Thank you for your kind efforts.


Now I think you can accept the answer once more with Grade A.
I really appreciate your efforts.

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