How I can make game from 3d Studio models

Hello friends,

I am writing on behalf of my younger brother.
He would like to make game but he don't know how. He is learning 3d Studio Max and he has  created some short films. Could you please guide him how he can make game in the way.

Thank you very much,
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By the way you said little brother I take it he is fairly young (under 14). If he has no computer programming experience, he would be better off using an interface which controls everything for him. He will just have to 'build' the game, not code the game. (commercial and pricy, but not a lot of programming knowledge needed)

Virtual Reality/CAVE:  (open source and robust)

From my experience w/ virtual reality, 3DStudio max was used to make our models, but other programs were used to actually display and navigate them interactively.

aa_azadehAuthor Commented:
Hello Tammie,

Thank you for your reply . Your guess is approximately right . My brother is 15 years old.
He has read VB book a little and is some how familiar with programming and would like to learn it. I myself is software engineer and I know programming in some languages and I can help him. But I haven't had any experience in game programming while I am myself interested to do so. I don’t know how to start. Should I read about OpenGL , Direct3d ? Could you please guide me in this way ?
About Game Builder Packages that you suggested , I think they’re very good for him to start but I think they don’t exist in Iran. Of course I will look for them in market.

Best Regards,
I recommend the following book for starting out on Microsoft Windows based game programming:

Windows Game Programming for Dummies:
and any other books by Andre LaMonthe:

Your brother will need a bit of programming practice to be able to use 3D studio max in his work. The Game Programming for Dummies I found to be interesting, and with full code examples, not that hard to work with.


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If your brother wants complete control on the game he is going to make programming is the way to go instead of using a 'game builder'. I use VB .NET to develop my 3D programs/games, it's a very easy language to start learning and with the .NET framework it doesn't matter if you code in c++ or vb cause in the end it's all converted to CRL. I also use a DirectX wrapper called Truevision 3D that does all the dirty work for me. Check it out at The SDK comes with many samples and i know of people that started using it with no programming skills and started developing basic games after one month.
You can prepare some .3DS models and use the following project to include them in your project (.NET in C++):
But it's better if he'll learn a bit OpenGL good sites for beginners
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