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I have been using Dreamweaver for the past 7 or 8 months. I have had no problems, and all was smooth sailing until about a week ago. A site that I made several months ago, and have been updating and maintaining since that time, started to run into problems. Some pages, but NOT ALL, give me an error when i try to save.
the message i get is:
While executing receiveArguments in File_Save.htm, the following JavaScript error(s) occurred:

At line 75 of file "E:\Program Files\Macromedia\Dreamweaver MX 2004\Configuration\Menus\MM\File_Save.js":
exception thrown in native function.

when the error occurs, dreamweaver adds the following file to both the local and remote folder "MFC19.tmp" and it increments to "MFC20.tmp", etc...

I have seen two other people post this question here in experts exchange and but the answers they received did not help me. I've also done some searching in other forums, and I found that sometimes, unexplainedly, having Flash files on your site can produce this error - and I recently had been adding some swf files, so i moved them. I also uninstalled my extensions. I am not sure, I had been playing around a bit with the site settings last week, but I think I've changed it all back to as it was before and I'm not sure what I changed in the past week that has started to give me these problems!

I can save the files under a different name, and then delete the original file, and then save it under the original name, however this is really a pain, and I have at least 6 or 7 pages which I am updating constantly which I have to do this for (and, after I do this once, the next time i save again I run into the same problem - the problem files continue to be affected)

Any help on this would be greatly, greatly appreciated,
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Have a similar sort of problem. Just adding a coomment so I may keep in conatct with this post!
Fahd Murtaza
MMsabryAuthor Commented:
??? is this a stumper???
or should i repost or reword the title of this question?

I have also seen this problem, so I decided to find a solution...

At I found:

Some of you have been effected by this "bug" in Dreamweaver MX. It occurs
at random when trying to save a file. The specific error is as follows:

While executing recieveArguments in File_Save.js, the following JavaScript
error(s) occured:
At line 45 of file "C:\Program Files\... ...\MM\File_Save.js":
exception throw in native function

What actually seems to happen (after spending a day tracking it down) - is
that the the error is caused because the modify date of the file was written
incorrectly the last time the file was saved. Dreamweaver can still open
the file, but any attempt to save causes the above error. Also, when trying
to open up the file in HomeSite+, the file was not even allowed to be

So, you may ask - what can be done - Macromedia should fix the modify date
file writing error (or figure out if it is Macromedia, Javascript, or
Windows that is responsible for the modify date file error). But, until
that happens (or if it already has in the latest update), you can use a file
properites writing program to "insert" a good modify date into the html file
you are working on. One program I found that allows recursion in setting
file attributes is Filo 2.0
([url][/url]) - Basically
drag the problem files to the program, and let it reset the modify dates (or
the whole site if you don't care about the other files having there modify
date changed)

I have tried this, and it works great.

That is all I have found that seems relevant.
Unfortunately there are many that have the problem, but few that have any solution.

Macromedia should start to notice!

with a sad smile

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I think we should try it both!
I'll try on weekend!
Fahd Murtaza
MMsabryAuthor Commented:
thanks prifre,

is filo unavailable as freeware? i tried to follow the link you posted above, and CNET says this title is no longer available.
there's a version xp 5 i come across when i do a search, but it costs about $20 (tho its free to try, so that should help me see if it at least resolves my problem for the time being).

strange, but i discovered after I created this post that when i open homesite I can edit the files and save without a problem, so that was at least a temporary solution for me, and something that makes my case a bit different I suppose from what you described above, so at least i can be thankful for that.

thanks alot for the suggestion, it seems like a very good one and hopefully it will work,
shame on macromedia, since you're right - it does seem like many people have this problem, from some of the searching i was doing before posting here, and not only in mx but in previous versions also

I dont know much about the problem, but there was another kind of solution also described when you follow the link wherefrom I took the text. But it relates to uploading/downloading to servers as a solution and I found it cumbersome.
Yet, if the problem is that it is a matter of a bad file, you should be able to fix it by opening the file in a different program (ie HomeSite, TextPad or even Word) and resaving as text and then reopen in DW.

A reason for this problem might be something related to a slow computer actually. I mean - DW uses JavaScript (a slow programming language) for handing a lot of things, and if JavaScript tries to save something and it takes tooo long, it might cause a bad date/time. You should be able to "solve" this problem (if it is this problem) by upgrading mainly memory and by not running DW together with too many programs at the same time. You might at least think about this if you see the problem again - in what relation it occurs I mean.

with a smile
MMsabryAuthor Commented:
thanks for your help prifre,
i'm still having the problem, but need to find a day where i can just sit and try to tackle it, so far have not had the time,
your advice is the closest thing to a solution that I've seen so far however, so I really thank you so much for the help,

best regards,
I just used the Filo program.  It seems that when I was downloading images I had ftp'd to my sites, and then downloaded them to my next location the date was being change from 2005 to 1905, but displaying as 06/05/05 (or whatever the date was).  Using the explorer in Windows doesn't show the 1905 part, just 05.

Dragging the files for a date change in Filo fixed my problem....

Thanks for the advice!
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