how to set msn messenger to have me invisible upon start up?

My yahoo messenger has a setting that allows my status to be "invisible" when I turn on my computer and start up and yahoo opens up. My MSN messenger did too until the recent download of the new version of messenger and the service pack 2. Now, I can not find the setting to set it so that my status is "invisible" like on Yahoo. I can change my status but I want it to go invisible automatically. Thanks for help locating the setting if in fact Microsoft has not totally removed the option.
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LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi nickg5,

MSN doesn't support "invisible login" by default, and never has. Most likely you used a plugin to do so.
But... the newest version of MSN (7) is almost around, it does support "invisible login" by default, you just have to wait some time, or find a plugin that works for the MSN version you now use.


nickg5Author Commented:
I never had a plug in that I knew about....ok, I'll wait for version 7.
Hi nickg5,

MSN 7 is comming out until february 2005, so you would better get a loader for msn that automatically set you to offline.
look for the Jrnzloader at

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I have already tried out MSN 7, and is by far the best messenger i´ve seen in a while.

Supports "BUSY" login, Nudge, which make your buddies screen vibrate on demand, and so on...

It should be out any day now !!

Best Regards !

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Here's the plug in your looking for!
> Nudge, which make your buddies screen vibrate on demand

Oooh, annoying!!! I hope there's a way to turn it off!

There is, Frugle, there is !

You only need to open your MSN options, and uncheck the "allow other contacts to send me winckles and nudges " field.

Best Regards !
To appear "invisible" go to  the MSN Messenger menu, then  click FILE | MY STATUS | APPEAR OFFLINE. You are now "invisble" to even those people you've added to your buddy list. However, in order to send / receive message you'll have to decloak as it were by resetting your status to 'online' or 'away.'

MSN Messenger "remembers" your settings so if you're cloaked when you close the application, the next time you start it, MSN Messenger will open with your status set to appear offline.

Hope this helps.

nickg5Author Commented:
moonrisesystems: mine does not remember when I reboot....what is "decloak".
I know how to change my status. But if someone is already online they know I am online before I have a chance to change my status. and changing my status 6-7 times a day on reboots is too much hassle.
YOu can try use Trillian Pro v3.0 build 947. It can invisible automatic for all or only some peple (feature similar Yahoo Messenger 6.0)

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