Caught an email that was being sent from my Outlook XP account - that i didn't send

I noticed that in the last week, I've been receiving more spam.

Today, I checked my sent box and saw an email my Outlook was sending - which I didn't write or send.  It was to a person that is in my Outlook contact list.  (I thought I saw it say "this message is on autoforward" - but I can't seem to find that again.)

Here is my set up:
Norton Internet Security Professional - Firewall
Norton AntiVIrus V. 9.06
AutoUpdate is on "run automatically"
I just performed a complete scan of my hard drives two days ago.
Running Windows 2003 XP Professional Service Pack 2
Outlook 2002 Service Pack 2

What am I missing that would allow a virus to send mail from my PC.

Thanks for your help.

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Hello aprillougheed =)

Im not sure but i think that Outlook has the feature to create ruels for AutoForwarding the emails from ur side.... so are u sure that no such rule exisits in ur case :-?
And u have run the NAV scan only till now, how abt running this online virus scan >>
Hi aprillougheed,

Try deleting the email account that you have in Outlook and create it again to see if the same happens.
UNless you search virus or worms in your emails in outlook ,you cannot be sure if it is gone or not.

Have you checked if there is any rule setup that might be causing this ?


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aprillougheedAuthor Commented:
That was it.  I had a rule causing the forward.

Thanks, April
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April..... if it was the forwarding rule.... dont u think that i did mention abt it at first =\
any reason u didn't like my suggestion =\
aprillougheedAuthor Commented:
Dear SheharyaarSaahil.

I didn't understand your suggestion.  I had trouble comprehending the sentence structure and shorthand.  I also didn't understand the second sentence.    But upon re-reading it; I see you did alude to a "rule".  I'm sorry I didn't catch it the first time.

Bottomline, I did use Sunray's comment alone to solve my problem as it was to the point and easy to comprehend.

I do appreciate your help and perhaps I can send you some points at a future time.

Best regards, April

It should be shehary who gets the credit here
please post a 0 pt Q in Community Support and request the mods to open this Q so that you can accept his comment


no problem, i'll try to keep my "shorthand" comments away from your questions now... sorry abt that !!
Good Luck
aprillougheedAuthor Commented:
Sunray - since you've been a big help to me several times . . . I just wanted to get back to you that I did post in the community forum as you requested.
Thanks , April..
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