New Windows 2003 Server Setup

I am installing a new server at my new office. I have just recieved 10 win xp machines and 1 server.

I currently have a 20 port network switch and have a dsl modem.

I just want to be able for everyone to share my DSL modem connection through the server and for files on the server to be shared. I know enough to setup group policys/ntfs things and AD but as far as getting everyone to be able to get on the internet and obtain an IP address is where I am stumped. So far I have

1. Installed the 10 machines
2. Installed the server.
3. Ran DC Promo
4. Created users in ad.
5. Setup group policy accordingly

Now I need to get everyone an IP address and internet access.

Please help.
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You need to install (if you haven't already) and setup DHCP.
c14m0r3Author Commented:
thanks. Lets say I create/activate a scope like  -

Once I do this and all my users get an IP address. It seems like none of them are sharing the internet connection still.

My server does have a static IP address. Don't know if that helps in any way shape or form.
ok,, your users aren't going to connect THROUGH your server at all.... you want them to obtain thier IP address FROM the server and thats about it.... as part of this DHCP address they should get a GATEWAY address also... this should be the IP address of the INSIDE NIC of your cable/DSL router, not the public IP that you got from your ISP... Do you even have a router?  If not go to your local store and get one b/c this will never work without a router. They are only about $50.00 True you CAN use a windows server with RRAS to act like a router, but trust me it is much more trouble than its worth.  It will give you nothing but headaches.  once you have your router in place you need to test to see if your clients can ping the INSIDE IP address of your ROUTER?  forget about the domain controller right now as it really has nothing to do with your clients getting out to the internet.
c14m0r3Author Commented:
So in short, in the back of my server have one nic card running to the switch and one running to the router. set the router up with a static ip address and make the dhcp hand out the routers IP address as the gateway.. I am sorry I am totally new to this.

i think you are missunderstanding so let me see if i can clarify,,, the gateway is the routers inside IP address (only one address)

you say you have from the back of the server one line going to the router and one going to the switch,, this is NOT what you want... true it MIGHT work this way but it will just complicate things. The line from your routers inside nic needs to go to the switch,,,,, and all of your other computers (clients and servers) are also plugged into the switch... so if a computer needs to get out to the internet it goes through the switch, then though the router, then your dsl modem, then out to the internet like this:

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Windows Server 2003

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