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Hi Experts,

I was wondering I am about to connect my 2 sites via a broadband VPN link using Sonicwalls and Vigor rotuers.

My question is can I and how would I go about setting up Voice over IP to get free calls between the sites.

I know this question is a bit vague but i hope to get a bit of dialogue going with an expert.


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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
This is not my area of expertise, others will likely have what you need.  BUT, wanted to say that there are a lot of free tools out there already that may serve you.  As one example, the updated Yahoo Instant Messenger has voice options and if the persons to whom you want to speak for free also has it and a microphone and sound card, it is easily done.

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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
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How many phones at each site, and how much bandwidth do you have?
Yahoo service will not be going across VPN link, but here a couple of ways for VoIP:

One as mentioned above, using a messaging based application, such as Yahoo, MSN but outside the VPN

Second, you can use a softphone based application without using a ISP service such as X-ten Lite from www.xten.com

Third, you can use hard based phones, such as Polycomm IP300/500/600

The first solution uses the ISP's service, the second and third allow for direct communications over the VPN, basically you install softphone on computer A, install softphone on computer B, set the IP address for each, then you can dial by the IP address.

Also, if you have PBX's at each loaction, you could use analog extenstion ports off each PBX, they would connect to a VoIP gateway, then you could dial each site using current phone system.

What type of PBX's due you have?
belronanAuthor Commented:
not sure to be honest on the PBX's what is a VOIP gateway.


Simple defenition of a Gateway, allows coomunication of data from one network to another that uses different protocols (think of it as a interperter from English to Polish).

So the VoIP gateway allows traditional phone systems using its traditional language of TDM, to commuincate over the data networks that use IP as the language.

To figure out the PBX, pick up one of the phones, look for manufacturer and model number, post it up here, I can help you figure out what you have. From there we can develop a soluton that will fit you needs.

Kindest regards
U can set up some unix systems talking to each other, using UDP protocol. AND ONLY UDP PROTOCOL.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Thank you, belronan, happy I could be of 'some' help to you.
Best wishes on your adventures.
":0) Asta
Most VOIP solutions I am aware of use UDP ports that must be specifically left open on the firewall.  Depends on the hardware you end up using as to which ports.

From a security standpoint I am not sure you even want to consider using your VPN credentials.  If you have fixed IP's at either end you should be able to get ti to work without using the VPN credentials.
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