embedding a flash animation in a Lotus Notes e-mail signature

I made an animation in Macromedia Flash for a client that wants to embed it into his e-mail as an html-signature.
He is using Lotus Notes and wrote me that when he tries to import it he gets the message: "Generic LSE Failure (no more info)."

Is there a solution or a workaround for this?

It would be nice if the .swf file was sent with the e-mail, but if this is not possible we could work around it by putting the file on a webserver and putting an absolute reference to the file in the html-code.

This is pretty urgent.

you can find an example of the html-page with the .swf file on http://www.comflict.com/fanta/mail.htm

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Seems to be a bug :

Can't you give him a animated gif?

Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
He can't embed it in his html signature, that's for sure.

So I would say it's impossible.  You can use Flash (or better, the user could receive internet messages with Flash animations), but NOT in the Notes client directly.  To do that, he would have to programatically embed the flash animation as an MIME entry (and use the correct html).  Moreover, this will only work in Notes 6 (and from the link partha sends, 6.0.2 and higher).
Absolute reference may work, as long if the user receiving the mail has access (from within his mailprogram) to the internet.

Anyway, embedding it would be bad practice because it would be blocked by a lot of virusscanners 'en route'.  So it would not be nice to send the .swf file with the message !
Plus, if you would send it to someone on a 56K modem, this signature alone would take 45.88 seconds to download - I consider this unacceptable... It's only a signature !



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FilipCremersAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the fast anwers,

I switched, as partha suggested, to an animated gif, but with an obvious loss in quality and not quite the animation buildup and looping I wanted, animated gifs only allow complete looping while in flash you can do more complex things.

and after optimizing i was able to bring the size of the .swf down to 95 k so it was ok

still a pity its not possible

Thanks for the points

Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
95 K OK for the signature of an email message ?  I don't think so - that still is way to much ...

Currently, in my inbox, I've got 103 messages.  Only 10 are larger than 35K (all with larger attachments), half are around 35K, and most of those are html emails from newsletters.  
A normal mail message is less than 10K !  


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