Can someone explain these remote control apps that are on a PC in our office?

was looking at a machine provided by a vendor of ours to handle dictation services to us.  It had both Real VNC and Remote admin (, which are both remote control apps like PC Anywhere, right?  Any idea why they would have both?  Their tech is not all that friendly / doesn't like dealing with people much and I'd like to understand this.
I figured out how to look at the admin panel of the router and saw these ports are forwarded:
App         Ports             Send to
VNC    5800-5900      .200
R Desktop    3389      .200        
R admin        4899      .200
IRC                   194      .254
IRC           6665-6669    .254  
????       137-139          .254
It also filters  ports 6665-6669, 7000-7100 and 194.
.200 is their machine and is the DMZ
They have a dynamic DNS service running on our DSL service

And if you don't mind me asking - on an XP machine, why not just use XP's Remote Desktop?  May not be as good an app?
Thanks!  I know just enough to be dangerous!
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As you say they are both remote control software having two for remote admiistration is actually a good idea, if using one and that software crashes at least you have an alternate access method, other things are upgrading the remote control software can be done using the other remote control software.

XP remote desktop is good but it does log the local user out, so may not give a true representation of the normal users desktop, also rebooting or shuting down the remote PC is not as straight forward as with the other two.

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They might have been trying the two for brand difference.  Otherwise, you are right, they do the same things, might have minor functional changes.  

One of the radmin features is that everything that is done during the remote control session is encrypted. It also uses a different video driver that streamlines the session making it more responsive and faster than PC anywhere. You have different modes that allow you to either view what the target system is doing without the users knowledge or take full control of the target system. Other modes include FTP and Telnet. VNC doesn't provide encryption. VNC is freeware while radmin only has a trial version then you will need to purchase the software.

Here is a link that compares both of them.

I agree with everyone else, it looks like they are just testing out different apps. They don't need each other to run and they're both the same type of application.
i_need_some_helpAuthor Commented:
thanks.  Any thoughts on blockig thse ports:

It also filters  ports 6665-6669, 7000-7100 and 194.

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