Simple VPN setup part deux

I posted here 2 weeks ago or so to set up a simple VPN.

Help was excellent, and I got it working.

Now I need more help.

Here's the setup

Ameritech/SPC DSL --- | --- Cayman 3500 series netopia --- |
|--- Linksys BefVP41 firewall/router/VPN --- | --- LAN

I need the LAN to access the internet, and also need to allow VPN access to the LAN from a second remote LAN.

I have made this work, but it is VERY slow. It also seems to disrupt access internet access when the VPN is in operation.

Should I use 2x Linksys routers. One for VPN and one for internet access? or should one be able to do both tasks?

Is slow to be expected?


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What are the remote users trying to do over the VPN?
This link is at best 1/150 the speed of a LAN connection, so doing normal LAN things like browsing shared folders will max out your internet connection and grind everything to a halt.
This page shows that your current setup can handle the performance of your DSL connection.

Once again, let us know what you are trying to do over VPN and maybe there will be a more effiecient way?
hgj1357Author Commented:
Primarily sync a ~100Mb Access database.

This takes 5 to 30 secs over a lan depending on how long it has been since the last sync.

15 x 150 = 37 minutes.

my only VPN sync took 25min so I'm right there!

I need to sync that database between two offices, I'm all ears if you've got a suggestion.

Hmmm, well I wasn't expecting that.
How does the database syncronise? If it takes 25 minutes it sounds like the whole database is being sent.
How do you know if your security is working?

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Well, this problem can most likely only be solved by changing the way the database is programmed.
You are lucky to have such a fast upload speed on the internet connection!
hgj1357Author Commented:
That upload speed is the quoted speed. From my home (regular DSL) I get ~25-35kbit/sec downloads from my work ftp.

Yes, the whole database is being sent. It is an access database, and I don't know how to partially sync (or even if I want to).

But, back to the crux of the question --> should I use two Linksys routers; one for internet the other for VPN? Or should a single unit provide adequate performance handling both tasks?


No, installing a second router would only make your network unnecessarily complicated.
Running the VPN does not effect the performance of the other router functions because this router has an IPSec coprocessor, a seperate chip dedicated to just VPN. Also it can handle about 10 to 20 times the bandwidth you have available.
All of this was found out in the article linked above.

If this is still a problem try searching for or posting a question about "bandwidth control". You might be able to limit how much of your bandwidth is used by the syncronisation.

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hgj1357Author Commented:
I think that the bottom line here is that I had too high of an expectation for what the VPN could do for me. It is performing as well as my setup will afford.

Thanks for the input.

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