My Browser is slow now ??? why

Recently i have installed TuneUp utilities 2004. it is really a marvellous software and it has improved my system performance. but i am facing only one problem in internet speed. my Download speed has been optimized by this software ( i use Dialup modem before this my download speed was 3.0Kb/sec and now it is 3.3 KB/sec approx) but now my internet explorer has become very very slow. my internet browsing speed has decreased a lot but if i start downloading it downloads in excellent speed. what i understand that tuneup utilities has changed settings in internet explorer. i m not that much expert plz help me to atleast maintain my previous browsing speed.

 i m writing few parameters which are written in settings of internet and Explorer in Tuneup utilities 2004.

1. Activate service for address translation (NAT) and firewall        this parameter  is checked.

2.In TCP/IP settings Packet size MTU( maximum transfer unit) is set for auto detect. it also has manual settings but those r disabled.

3.  Again in TCP/IP , RWIN( Receive window) size of receive window is set to 17520 Bytes. It can be increased or decresed.

4. Set time stamp in TCP/IP packet.  it is checked.

5.  Selective receipt acknowldgement.    it is checked.

6. TTL is set to 128 servers.

PLz do help me otherwise i have to uninstall this software which i dont want.
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check for spyware, it is good using tune up utilities 2004 it sped up my machine
another possiblity is the line itself or even the provider, have you tried using other providers?
for spyware i would recommend you spybot 1.3 or adaware both are free, and for better protection use spyware blaster its also free
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Sohel RanaCommented:
Hi moonnightingale:

Try to use some spyware software like expert 4ceReconSniper suggest. Besides, I suggest you to turn off the internet optimize option in tune up utilities 2004 because as far I understand it shares the internet connection speed, like for browing, download manage and so on. To faster download of a file you can use flashget or getright software.

Sohel RanaCommented:
Also use hijackthis software and post the log file here : 

Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
What Operating System and version and Browser type and version?  How current is WindowsUpdate?  

Have you cleared your Browser's cache (temp internet files, offline content and history files)?

What all is running when the slow performance in IE is noted?  

What Viruscan program and verison installed and scanning?

It helps to know a bit more.

To me it sounds like there is a lot of cross-footing taking place before normal IE activities can take place, so although your download speed appears to be increased, normal surfing is impacted.  Just in my opinion.
You mention you are on dialup, but you have NAT and firewall service running. If you (a) are not sharing internet through your computer to another and (b) have a third-party firewall like ZoneAlarm installed (which BTW I do STRONGLY recommend over the Windoze firewall), then you can uncheck this.

You may find, depending how you use the computer, that there are many other services you can safely disable. XP (and I imagine 2K and NT too) have a lot of network-ready services running by default, which are resource-hoggers not to mention potentially The Next Catastrophic Windows Vulnerability(TM). Google for "XP services description" and you will find plenty lists with details of what they do, and what you can and can't live without.

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