Multiple routing of a router!!!

I have paid for a dns server company which is routing all domain traffic to my adsl router (clever method as it is a dynamic ip address, works well !!! ""), which allows http, ftp , pop3 ,smtp traffic in...
One computer has the web based stuff (Websites etc...) (using sambar)
I have another computer which deals with the mail....
This is easy to set up with my router as I route the portsto the appropriate LAN ip address...
HOWEVER, the mail server also has WebMail which I want to allow people to use externally.
How can I get the router to allow traffic to enter to both!!! or even better.. allow it to enter in to the web based server (sambar) and then redirect them to the other mail server??????? Any methods.....

thx. n
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I don't beleive you'll be able to do that. You need multiple port 80's to send to multiple web based applications. This is going to require more than one external IP so that you'll have more than one port 80.

Now, you could setup your webmail on another port and leave your setup just like it is. For example, if you set your webmail up to use port 8090, then users who would normally go to

would use

Other folks may know a way around one of the two scenarios above, but I do not.

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hi, there

You could do as mentioned above

Port forwarding on all kinda ports:
80 to Webserver
110 to email server
23 telnet

Or create your own port scenario
and on the router just forward these addresses
nicolasballAuthor Commented:
port scenario???
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Pick your own ports that you want it to respond to each service SMTP, WWW, etc
nicolasballAuthor Commented:
is that any differennt to Tannermans response...
its the same..
forwarding ports...

well. i guess that will do... gonna use tannermans option.. thx anyway...

yeah, me and cooledit are on same page.
Since your already doing port forwarding for 80 to the web box you can setup webmail to listen on 8090, or such, and do port forwarding for 8090 to point to your webmail server.

Hope it works for you.
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