XP Service Pack 2 Has Crashed My Laptop

I have a small network I run at work and one of my users has an IBM Thinkpad that I think tried to automatically download and install XP Service Pack 2. The user received a message that all downloads were installed and needed to reboot which he did, now the laptop reboots over and over with nothing happening (except a blue screen-then it initiates a reboot on its own).

I tried inserting the xp pro cd, went into the bios and changed boot order to the cd-rom to try and get into the recovery console, but it's won't boot from the cd. I've seen several articles on removing xp sp2 however I can't even boot from the cd to try any of these possible solutions.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Hello alps6 =)

Check this first,
After you install Windows XP Service Pack 2, your computer restarts continuously

And Cant u boot in safemode also ??
if Yes then u can uninstall SP2 by this method,

XP SP2: How to Remove or Uninstall Service Pack 2

if safemode has also this problem then, do this system has a floppy dirve ??
if Yes then u can use the 6 XP Bootdisks to boot the system and from there u can access the Recovery Console to uninstall SP2 !!
How to obtain Windows XP Setup boot disks

How to remove Windows XP Service Pack 2 from your computer
  For IBM Thinkpad, you better use its recovery CD and its tools.
They have special disk partition which put the origial stuff there.

alps6Author Commented:
I cannot boot from safe mode or last known good configuation...will try using floppy disks. Thanks for your help.
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ok :)
alps6Author Commented:
Stupid question...when trying to download XP setup disks to floppy disks, how do you get it to load on multiple disks....pc keeps trying to download it to one disk?
its an exe file, after downloading when u will run it, it will ask to insert floppy 1 in drive, after it will write to it, it will ask to insert floppy 2, and so on.... when it will finish creating 6 flopppies, insert floppy no.1 in the required system and boot with it and follow the instructions :)

you can also try booting the win xp cd and do a repair on the windows xp installation that should work for most issues. you will boot up from the  cd and do repair installation it should revert back to an operatable OS at least it solved some issues i was having with SP2....
hope it helps :)
does the laptop recovery cd boot?  << just to see if the cdrom drive will boot anything else?
I had this problem with one of my machines, the problem was down to the motherboard version try the following (If you have not already wiped the HD).  Please bear in mind that after you have disabled the cache it can take a long time (30 mins in my case) for the PC to boot.

In the BIOS setup you should temporarily disable the L1 and L2 cache. On some motherboards, this will allow the computer to boot. You should then remove SP2 using the system restore under accessories/ system tool, turn the L1 and L2 cache back on, and then update the BIOS to reflect the correct microcode version. After completing these steps, you should be able to re-install SP2 without running into this particular problem again.

Hope this helps

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alps6Author Commented:
Thanks for all your assistance. The recovery cd did finally boot and I tried repairing the xp installation, but when it finished and I rebooted I still got that bsod. I tried going into the bios and disabling the L1 and L2 caches, but again when I rebooted the laptop never got past the xp welcome screen before displaying the same bsod. I  finally gave up and since I was able to boot from the cd, I reinstalled xp. I have 22 pc's on our small network and since I went 21/22 on upgrading to sp2, I felt lucky! Thanks for all the suggestions.
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