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Regarding mail account of one user on sendmail mailserver( Red Hat Linux 7.2)

We are running sendmail mail server on Red Hat Linux 7.2 and using Netscape Mail and News group as mail client. Recently, I got a strange problem with one user - When I created the mail account on Netscape, he can access mail in some of the folders such as inbox but cann't access many folders such as Sent, Trash etc ...and getting message - "The current command doesn't succeed. The Mail Server responded: SELECT failed. Cann't open mailbox Sent; no such mailbox".
However, he is also having the same mail account with identical settings on his laptop where he can access all these folders.
I tried creating his account on different machines but get the same problem.
Urgent Help is needed.
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Is the user account in Netscape set up for IMAP or POP? And for an IMAP account do those folders exist on the mail server? And what version of Netscape?
mn210Author Commented:
The user account is in Netscape 7.2 set up for IMAP.
For this user, I see a directory- nsmail in his home directory on the mail server and there are lot of files in that nsmail directory, some of which doesn't appear on Netscape mail client.Can you explain why is it so ?
Secondly, If I want to have a folder with different files on Netscape mail client, how can I create it ? I checked the Netscape Help but couldn't find it. Do we have to crate these folders on Mail client or can these folders be also created in home dirctory on Mail server and somehow linked with Mail client ?
Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Did this user previously have a different version of Netscape set up for mail? Or was a previous mail configuration set for POP. When using IMAP the client will only list mail that's still on the server in the INBOX. The messages in nsmail would be local folder contents of perhaps cached copies of messages previously seen.

You can create local folders or IMAP folders, but in either case it must be done from within the Netscape mail client.

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