Citrix ICA Client ver 8.1 causing connection problems

It seems that I have issues with version 8.1.  These include "Citrix Server is not available", Sometimes user connects causing other connections to become non-functional on both home accounts and a small remote company.  I have even had problems internally with this ver 8.1.  Nearest I can figure is ver 7.1 under went changes and they still haven't cleaned up the mess.  I'm using ver 6.3.1 without incident.  Has anyone else experienced problems with citrix version 8.0 and 8.1?
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my standard testing procedure :

1. ping the server
2. telnet >p address of the server> 1494 (until here the ip check)
3. try to make a connection with "remote desktop connection" or terminal service client
    Now you're testing that evrything on microsoft layer
4. make a connection with the ica client.

some papers on ask to delete the CAL via the regedit-tool on win 9x terminals

i had the same problem a few weeks ago. there was a client wich reserved all the CALS on the Microsoft Licencing Manager - server
I installed some hotfixes and i called the Microsoft Clearing house (or something) to reset my Microsoft Licencing Manager

so check this manager on yout server
donnagtiAuthor Commented:
Your information is correct but I'm beyond the hotfix stage.  I'm thinking that I installed the hotfixes sometime ago and talked to the nice people at the clearing house.  I've been running with the whole citrix thing for awhile.  I got involved when it was called winframe 1.5 running on NT 3.5.1.  So your information is valid, but it doesn't fix this problem.

The problem I'm encountering is exclusive to the Metaframe Presentation Server Client Package Version 8.x I have a few older Windows 98 (FAT32) clients running strong on the leased MSCALs/TSCALs and the renewal process is happening after the 90 day period.  But at the same time I have Windows XP (NTFS) computers running with their own TSCALs that can't connect using the Metaframe Presentation Server Client Package Version 8.x;  I have even limited the install to only the Hood (Network Neighborhood).  This has shut down a peer-to-peer network at a Satelite location.  I know what you're thinking peer-to-peer?  Its at a newly purchased company in Alabama.  Thus the rise of Citrix, we're looking to connect the South to the North.  I have the IP of our firewall hard coded and once it reaches the firewall the clients directed straight to the citrx box (Metaframe XP FR3).  It has also effected 2 home users shutting down their internet service.  From what I have found out thus far when Client 7.1 was intoduced with the start of the problem.  Refer to CTX104149 for a little more background.  Evidently there are the following settings ICAPingEnabled=On ICAPingInterval=<time in ms for an ICA ping> supposedly in the appsrv.ini file I have yet to find in mine.  What happens is these packets are sent to the Citrix server yet to understand why, but these packets mimic characteristics of a virus.  The firewall sees this behavior as a threat.  Thus shutting the requesting client (ver 8.x) down.  This has happened on simple linksys routers, hardware firewalls Watchguard, to CISCO units.  The Comcast people can't figure it out either...Yes, I did speak to actual people at comcast that did try to help. When I un-install the Ver8.x clients following directly with the installation of the citrix client ver 6.3.1 everything run smooth.  So I'm wondering if anyone has seen this or is it that centinals have actually breached the hull and my EMP is useless....

donnagtiAuthor Commented:
Problem has been resolved; the new client ver 8.x is using port 2598 regardless.  I opened port 2598 and the new client is working.  So if you have this problem try opening port 2598.
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