Date function in Active X

Would like to use the Date function for setting the current date in DTS transformation.
This is what I have in my ActiveX transform

DTSDestination("ld_dte")=<%=Date %>

This is giving me an error

ld_dte is of type datetime.
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I think the scripting languate here is VBScript.  Try this:
   DTSDestination("ld_dte")= Date() 'for the date only
   DTSDestination("ld_dte")= Now() 'for the date and time

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If the destination is a database and this is the default value, I would set the default value to GETDATE() at the database level--will be much faster than ActiveX script....
Good point, if it's the only translation being performed, or if all the translations can be done in SQL.  Due to that performance difference, I try very hard to do all my translations in SQL.

Stylistically, if I were performing any translations that required ActiveX, I'd probably do them all in the same place (a script) rather than doing some in script and some in SQL, unless the performance were wildly different.  I'd find that easier to maintain and debug.
"if it's the only translation being performed, or if all the translations can be done in SQL"

Or the only translation outside of simple Column Copy transforms...
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