DL320 is LOUD!

Anyone else have the issue of the HP DL320 being extremely loud? This sucks...
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What was the question you want to have answered?  The server is loud because it's a 1U height and the fans, which are small, have to spin faster to move enough air to cool it.  To quiet it down, you would need some external source of airflow that used larger, slower spinning fans.
DoobyWhoAuthor Commented:
I have several 1U servers that are no where near this loud. You seriously can hear this server across the office, down the hall. Do a google search on "DL320 loud", several people have complained about this issue. There are several fixes for other servers that had this issue, but i can't find one or this one.
This is straight from the internal HP website.

Rear Fans: To prevent uneven torque and subsequent fan noise, some servers include four white plastic spacers between the fans and the chassis.  If the spacers are NOT properly inserted back between the fan and the chassis for each screw or if one spacer is left out during replacement, fan noise may result.  Fan noise may also result if the four screws are over tightened.
Install all device drivers...

Our DL380 was loud too until we installed all device drivers. If i can remember right, noise gone after the FC card driver was installed.

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