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Non-reading hard drive

I have 120 GB Seagate SATA disk - one of two in RAID 0 configuration - which does no longer read. It spins dertimened from the sound but does no reading. Consequently I have a vast amount of inaccesible data. There is nothing which is hypercritical to loose, but you know how it is - if by a little effort I could save it... So asking  a question in this forum is the last shot I am going to give it. Does anybody here know what to try in a case like this?
1 Solution
IF you can get the drive back on line. you might try this.

I never had any luck get any data off a failed RAID 0.
A trick that sometimes works is seal the drive in a plastic bag then stick it in the freezer for an hour or so, as soon as you pull it from the freezer get it powered up and see if you can get the data off then.
I don't think there are any products that will help you recover a RAID-0 array. For RAID-0 data recovery, you need a professional service.
Again,my favourite suggestion....www.dposoft.net
Good luck!
That program can rebuild a RAID array? I can't even find the word RAID mentioned in the description so I'm not sure how it would recover a file that has half it's contents on one drive and half on another dead drive...

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