Oulook Express: Compose has 3 tabs (Edit, Source, Preview) on 1 pc, not on another

I am running outlook express on 2 pcs. Both are the same version, according to the "about" window.
On both PCs, the option for "send" is set to "html".
When creating a new message, on PC1, the new msg window has 3 tabs (edit source preview) at the bottom of the window. That's the way I want it. On PC2, the 3 tabs won't appear.

How can I get the 3 tabs to appear on PC2? Why the difference?
Thank you,
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spoowizAuthor Commented:
P.S. I'm running Windows 2000
Hi spoowiz,
  have you gone to the view tab in the mail and checked source edit?
spoowizAuthor Commented:
On PC1, the three tabs appear automatically when I create a new msg.
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Hi Spoowiz,
   Great I understand, sorry my first message was not very concise, can you try on PC2 to when you are composing a new email going to the "view" menu and check the option to "source Edit" then you can close the message.  When you go to compose a new message the 3 tabs should be there at the bottom.

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That is, more over...
on PC2
Open Outlook Express
go to new message
in the new message window go to the view menu item
under the view menu click on source edit
the tabs at the bottom should appear
close the new message
when you go to compose a new message the 3 tabs should be there at the bottom now.
Regards and good luck.
spoowizAuthor Commented:
Thanks. That did it.
Thank you
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