Arc trajectory mc

Hello there,
I have a mc that I need to move from point A to point B, I don't want it to move straight but to describe an arc trajectory.
I know one of the options is to have an empty mc with the onClipEvent(enterframe) checking if the point A = point B, and then if not, do the math to get it there. If possible, I'd like to stick to that, I just need the appropiate equations.

Thanks in advance,

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this is a good script to start from.

      _x = Math.cos(angle*Math.PI/180)*radius+xcenter;
      _y = Math.sin(angle*Math.PI/180)*radius+ycenter;
      angle += speed;
      if (angle > 359)angle -= 360;

are you using flash mx?
CerfAuthor Commented:
should I start trying that already?
CerfAuthor Commented:
hmm, watching the script, I can see that it uses a center to do the arc.
from what I need to do, that center will change, how can I recalculate it?

Hold on, let me put together a little graphic to illustrate it better...
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CerfAuthor Commented:
Ok, and look for Q_21193604.swf it is just an image (3kb)
CerfAuthor Commented:
now, what I want to accomplish is the following,
..[numbers in the image]..
first state [1],
on rollOver option1 [2],
on rollOut option1, return to the previous state, but if from rollover1 I move the mouse to option2 then [3]

is it too confusing?
I don't want any points for this comment, but...

> that center will change, how can I recalculate it?

I've had a look at your graphic, and, to me, it looks like the mini circle option is rotating around a constant origin that is the centre of the bigger circle!  In what way is the centre changing?  If the bigger circle is moving left/right with the options too, you could simply adjust negatyve's xcenter variable in the onEnterFrame event

CerfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input muso!
Actually, if you didvide the distance between the points by 2 and project a perpendicular line from that center you can change the center accurately, however, the problem I'm having now is that I need to figure out how can I express that movement in terms of XY instead of an angle.

negatyve, are you still there?

I have written a function previously here:

coord takes an angle and a radius, and returns to an object with x and y distance - you adapt this to use it to calculate your x and y movement...

Just a thought!


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CerfAuthor Commented:
Hey there, sorry I have been out for a while,
I didn't implement any of the solutions since I was in a hurry, although I'm sure that working those out I'd get what I needed.

Thank you.

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