How to view a .PST file on a CD-ROM

I searched around and the most recent time this was asked was about a year ago.  So I thought I would see if anything has changed in the past year.

Is there a utility that can view .PST files on a CD-ROM?

I thought I had read about one that would do exactly this but I can't find it anywhere.

Just FYI, the PST files are over 650 MB each and cannot easily be copied down to the local hard drive.

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Hi talon926,

.pst is an extension for MS Outlook. 650MB shouldn't be a problem, since the limit is 2GB on this filetype. I assume that Outlook doesn't like the CD because it needs write acces to the filesystem which doesn't exist in that case.

Why is it a problem to copy the file to a hard drive?

Would zipping (winzip) the file help compact the size of it.
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I don't know if that'll work from a cd.
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Hi talon926,

not sure about this.
first of all you need to make sure that the PST file is not read-only . That might be an issue sometimes.
Second, can you not open that PST which in the CDROM using outlook in that machine. MS makes it difficult to open PST with any other application except outlook..

you can also check this


As  i said above ,my understanding is outlook would require to have PST to have both read and write access. If you have it in CD, that may not be possible and hence copying the PST to hard drive and then reading would be the only way
talon926Author Commented:
First, thanks for the attempts for help.

But, the file cannot be copied to the harddrive.  I stated this before and I know it would solve the problem but in this situation it cannot be done.

The size of the file doesn't matter to me.  I only mentioned it in the context of a full CD.

Winzip doesn't help, again the size isn't the point.

I'll check out Quickview

I've already checked out Mailnavigator - it requires read/write and since the file is on a CD - not gonna happen.

So, back to the original question - Does ANYONE know about a utility that will view / browse a PST file?

Sorry to make you feel that my answer might hit the wall but as far as I have researched , I donot think you can view in a CD. May be I have not researched fully or even show you a proof that MS itself says that it cannot be done but I am pretty sure that MS keeps PST to be viewed in Outlook..
If you want to do some programming you can write some code to extract and view messages, but this would be a lot of work.

There are a number of conversion type utilities out there, but you must run them BEFORE you write the cd :-(
"WN MailKeeper will convert the information in an Exchange Mailbox or a PST to individual Outlook messages, maintaining the folder format. The entire mail archive can then be written to a CD-ROM disc and given to the user. Messages can be opened directly from the CD-ROM and will still contain the original formatting and any attachments. Also, due to the way that Outlook maintains the information within a message file the location can be searched to find information that exists in the subject or body of the message."


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Is it possible to make an image of the cd and mount it to a virtual drive, then access the files through exploring it, or
you just dont have enough space for copying or wont the cd let you copy off it?

And try this, go to properties, and unclick the read only box. Cd's are burnt as read only, this may be the problem..everything should be accessed as normal.

Good Luck
Hi talon926 :-),
Since this question is starting to get old could you please give us an update on the status of this question?
See: Thank you, turn123's friendly update request script.
Offtopic comments about this script to please :-).
talon926Author Commented:
I didn't intend to abandon this question.  I'll close it myself.  I had left it open in case other ideas or solutions might have been found.

talon926Author Commented:
Even though Beldoran's question didn't solve the question being asked it did give me a good work around.
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