got my hands on an Sun Ultra10

got it from a friend.
am not a newbie.
did some sybase/ksh development on these for a few years.
it has 440mhz/380ram.  forgot what version of sun os. have to check.
using a pc monitor after some resultion issues? works fine? sony 19inch?
have it connected to an SMC router along with 2 otherwindows/intel pc's.
cannot ping the router from sun.
not sure how to tweak the network settings.
just want to mess around with it!
any ideas what to do with this thing are welcome!
should i load a free version of unix os?
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Run `sys-unconfig` to remove the existing network info; The system will then reboot, and prompt you for the info when it starts. `man sys-unconfig` for more info.

If you own Sun hardware (new or second hand), my understanding is that you have a free licence to use the Solaris OS, including updates - You just pay for the media (or download the current version of the OS);  I think you can also get a free Oracle for solaris licence.

You might be able to find a version of Linux that will run on Sun hardware, but an Intel box would be easier & cheaper for that!

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Ultra 10? Solaris 6 or 7 maybe?
sys-unconfig will do as rfewster mentioned:
Or do
# ifconfig hme0 xxx.yyy.zzz.nnn up
which xxx.yyy.zzz.nnn is the IP within your router's subnet.

And do ifconfig hme0 to check the IP assigned or not.

When you get a box with OS installed in unknow status (eg, it might been hacked etc),
you should consider a fresh OS install for the box.

You can download Solaris 9 (Sparc platfoem, Free) from:

Write down the Network infor in a paper (hostname, IP, router IP,  netmasks, DNS server
IP etc) before start your installation.

When you start the installation, following the screen instructions and fill in the network
infor, it should get you box going.

Also please read the Unix adm tips (incuding Solaris) in the following page:
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Actually, Solaris licenses don't transfer with hardware.  You only get valid licenses (whether its free or not) through Sun or an authorized reseller.  So the Sun hardware with Solaris already on them technically aren't valid licenses.  Pretty easy to fix though.  Just goto Sun and register your free licenses - now its legal.

Pretty silly I know but almost positive this is legally how it works.

Of course, there isn't a Solaris License cop on every corner either.  Its pretty much an honor policy.
Oh - and I would go with Solaris 10.   Its got some REALLY KEWL stuff in it compared to Solaris 9.
pdadddinoAuthor Commented:
did a sys-unconfig!
now getting prompt
    Enter Fileman [kernel/unix]:

not sure what to do
pdadddinoAuthor Commented:
booted again and was prompted thru the setup.
answered all question correctly...i think.
i was asked to assign an ip which i did.
can now ping the router but still cannot browse the web.
i think it is a dns issue...
> i think it is a dns issue...
As root,
cp /etc/nsswitch.dns /etc/nsswitch.conf
type in correct DNS servers in /etc/resolv.conf
Then check the default gateway
netstat -rn

pdadddinoAuthor Commented:
feeling pretty clueless here.
/etc/nsswitch.dns file is empty
/etc/nsswitch.conf has many entries. all entries have 'files' except dns which i changed to 'dns nis files'
/etc/resolv.conf contains:
this is the ip for my router

netstat -rn says:
route det table                   gateway........                                             

not sure where came from? is ip i assigned when promt during setup
If you use "dns nis files" and you don't have a NIS master server running on your network, you
will have problem to boot up the box!

you should consider a fresh OS install for the box use the Solaris CD, it make life easier for you.

> /etc/nsswitch.conf has many entries. all entries have 'files' except dns
> which i changed to 'dns nis files'
Change to "hosts:  file dns"  no NIS.

Add the default gateway
route add default   <=== Assign your routers IP is

> /etc/resolv.conf contains:
> nameserver  
Besides, do "ipconfig /all" on your Windows PC to confirm that your DNS server's IP.
If the DNS server's IP on PC is differnet than, then replace the one show
in "ipconfig /all" to /etc/resolv.conf

After you change these 3 things.


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pdadddinoAuthor Commented:
changed  to
hosts:  file dns

also added the line
route add default
to the end of the file /etc/nsswitch.conf
wasnt sure where to add this

ipconfig /all on winpc showed for dhcp, dns....
so that appears to be ok.
cannot ping 
can ping is alive
you need to edit /etc/resolv.conf file to put your DNS server infor in the file,
the file looks like:

nameserver xxx.xx.xx.xx

where  xxx.xx.xx.xx is the IP of your DNS(s) server(s)
> also added the line
> route add default
> to the end of the file /etc/nsswitch.conf
Run the command, not add to /etc/nsswitch.conf
# route add default

Add "route add default"
into the end of /etc/rc2 (not /etc/nsswitch.conf)

pdadddinoAuthor Commented:
executed command line:
route add default

am now surfiing the internet!
not really loading all pages correctly, but defintetly making progress.
Seems i need to apply many updates(ala windows) or install newer OS!
Thanks to all who participated.
will start a new thread for next steps.
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