Error when trying to update Access database with ASP.NET on remote host server.

I set up a simple web application a few weeks ago and needed to make some changes.  I made the changes on my laptop in Visual Studio and it works fine on my laptop.  So I uploaded the entire project to the host server and now when I try to update or insert into my database I get this error:

Message: Operation must use an updateable query.
Native Error: -198839259
Source: Microsoft JET Database Engine
SQL State: 3073

I've seen this error before when I didn't give the aspnet account write access to the database.  I did have this working fine on the host server before and can't think of what is causing this error.  Anyone ever seen it before?  Thanks.
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Ike23Author Commented:
The first one says that it is because I am doing some sort of aggregate function in my query which I am not doing.  The second link is broken.
Ike23Author Commented:
I can get it to work fine on my laptop but when I upload it to the server I get an the error.  I have successfully uploaded the app and got it to work but now it won't.  Very frustrating since I am used to being able to simply copy a file or database and have the results show up without having to compile or whatever Visual Studio does...  Thanks for any help!
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the second link works ok for me but now you say asp.NET i dont think its much help
im not sure its normally with permissions on the database.  SOrry i've looked around the net and EE but they all say the same thing.  Good luck and sorry for not being a of great help
If worst comes to worth, sorry i just thought of this, Copy all of the tables from the database into another database, then name it the same and delete the old one, this may solve it

Hope it helps, sorry for the delay :o)
Ike23Author Commented:
Turns out that the host company had to set up the folder with permission to write to the database.  Weird because its the same folder as before and it worked fine without me doing anything.  The pains of learning a new language I guess....
Ah right, well atleast you got it sorted, its a pain in the ass when things like that happen, sorry i couldnt help you much on this occasion.  Take it easy

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