how to setup mx record with win2k dns?

for example i had registered and i had set's name server to my win2k server

i can setup subdomain for and i can resolve fine,, but i don't know how to setup a mx record, i had setup a mx record, like
mail    mail exchange        [10][public ip address]

i can send email but i can't receive any email from internet,, anyone know why?

ps. i have another domain name( and set its name server point to the same win2k server(i had set up the server with that as a domain controller) and i just set up a mx record like
mail    mail exchange    [10][public ip address]

but this domain works fine, can receive and send emails..

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You have to set that up at the registrar level

You have to go to the website where you have registered the domain and create a mx record there pointing to the IP address of you exchange (or any other software) server

After you've done that just wait for the DNS records to propagate to the internet and Within 2 to 6 hours you should be back on line

Good luck
What does receiving email fail with? Send yourself one from a hotmail account or something similar.

Telnet to port 25 from a remote location and try to send an email by typing the following in:
helo me
mail from:<>
rcpt to:<>

hi this is a test




That should send an email to all being well. If it reports an error during sending, can you post that. If you can't telnet to the port, it's a firewall configuration issue. Or the SMTP service isnt running.... but im guessing you've checked that ;)
You only setup MX records at the registra level if you are not using any other DNS features.
If you have a DNS server, then the registra points to that and everyone finds your MX records from there.

Go to a command prompt and farmiliarize yourself with nslookup. With this you can tell it to use some other DNS server, eg your ISP's DNS server, and lookup DNS records. This is how you figure out what the outside world sees when they go looking for your domain.

Basically, you want to open
> nslookup -d
then in this program type
> set type=mx
> server *ISP's DNS HERE*

you want to see something like:

Non-authoritative answer:
        MX preference = 10, mail exchanger =
        ttl = 3600 (1 hour)
        MX preference = 65535, mail exchanger =
        ttl = 3600 (1 hour)

note my records are set to live for one hour, when you are working on DNS you will want to set this really low so you don't have to wait for an eternity before people see the changes.
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oopsm that nslookup line should have no www. just the domain name.
smantha1979Author Commented:
i had setup dns with my win2k box, and i had point my domain to use my own dns server,
i dont can't get the mx record right with my win2k box
smantha1979Author Commented:

i just can't get the mx record right in my win2k box
smantha1979Author Commented:
i had telnet into my exchange, and works find,

just the mx record not setup correctly
Is your server behing some kind of router or firewall?
Try sending an email to your ip address like this.


where user is your username on exchange and use the ip address on your server.

I still stand behind the theory of the registrar mx record.
smantha1979Author Commented:
i am using my own dns server, so i have to setup the mx record in my win2k box.
i changed the name server to use my own dns server in my registar.
Try using the FQDN instead of just the host for the MX record, ie not just mail
smantha1979Author Commented:
can't type "." with dns server in win2k
Are you sure the problem is with the DNS? If you use nslookup and post the results then we will know for sure if your MX records are setup wright or wrong.
smantha1979Author Commented:
> set type=mx
Server:  [*.*.*.*]
Address:  *.*.*.*
        primary name server =
        responsible mail addr =
        serial  = 11
        refresh = 900 (15 mins)
        retry   = 600 (10 mins)
        expire  = 86400 (1 day)
        default TTL = 3600 (1 hour)
dont you have to point MX records at an A record? ie, to an actual host, not an IP address? Or doesn't it matter? Mine seem to be set up that way on my 2k domain, and it works alright :)
In DNS right click on your full domain name, and select "new mail exchanger"
In the first box - "host or domain" leave it blank
In the second box - put the full domain name
Leave the priority at 10 unless you know why you want to change it.
Hit OK.
Now make sure that you have an entry with name "mail" and type "host" listed in the domain, if not create it and point to the right IP address.
Double click on your "start of authority" record, click increment and then click OK
Right click on your server and select "update server data files".
wait for DNS ttl to time out.
Test from here:

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smantha1979Author Commented:
ah. when i creacte a new mail exchanger, the first box i typed mail, probably that made a difference..
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