Dragon NaturallySpeaking: An internal recognizer error has occurred


I have a customer who is now encountering an interesting and new error with Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 7.

After launching the application, about 3-4 seconds elapse, then a dialog box is presented:

"An internal recognizer error has occurred.  NaturallySpeaking may be in an unstable state, so you should save your work immediately and then close and restart the program."

SDAPI Error 1: Error:[kernel\model 4] SDVoc_OpenGroup C:\program files\ScanSoft\NaturallySpeaking\users\[username]\current\General_\dd10voc01.voc
C:\program files\ScanSoft\NaturallySpeaking\users\[username]\current\General_\dd10voc02.voc "

Note that the machine is reported to have froze this afternoon.  The symptom was that several menus were up, the (cordless) mouse would not move, and there was no response to control-alt-delete.
The operating system is a new installation of XP Professional with all updates applied and uses NTFS, so graceless shutdowns should have nil effect.
The resolution to the freezing problem was to press the power button, since this seemed to be the only reasonable thing to do to regain control and resume interaction.
I am told that this symptom first happened sometime after the machine was gracelessly shutdoen.

The Dragon NaturallySpeaking has a pay-per-incident form of support only.
Their knowledge base is sparsely populated.
Here's what I've found so far:
Speech file recovery:
Moving speech files:

My impression so far is that one or more of the speech files became corrupt, possibly as a result of the computer being gracelessly shutdown, which I think is bogus because NTFS is supposed to be robust, which I also include to mean (very) resistant to losing data.

My questions are:
Has anyone else run into this proble?
Is there information as to the cause of the problem?
Is there a utility to make the speech files "sane" again?
Is there a better way to solve this problem other than to uninstall and reinstall the application?
 Btw: there is the belief and concern that the process of uninstalling and reinstalling the application will wipe clean any training that was done

Thank you in advance for considering this problem!

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ChrisEddyAuthor Commented:

I've researched into the problem and found that an effective work around to the problem, which is to cause new speech recognition files to be created fresh.  

This was done by renaming or deleting the [username] folder, relaunching Dragon, create a new "user", then  repeat the laborious training.

Although the error message looks somewhat dire, the application does not need to be ininstalled and reinstalled.  What will probably be lost is the *.voc files used for speech recognition.

Question: Does anyone know of any utilities that can bring a speech recog file back from corruption?
ChrisEddyAuthor Commented:

Although there has been this this hollow echoey sound around here lately ...

Apparently, there is another who had a similar experience with Dragon.  His (or her) work around was to accept periodic corruption as a fact and the nature of the beast, and scheduled a periodic backup of the *.voc files.  

I hope someone sonmeday finds this information of constructive interest.


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