QWEST IP static

I need help with the configuration of my home network.
Here is how it is
Internet ----DSL ActionTech Modem-------Switch ---Winxp
                                                                      --- Linux Box
I want to host the web ,ftp in my LinuxBox and using Winxp as my workstation. How many static IP should I order from Qwest? a or b? and why?

       Number of Addresses          UseableAddresses        Monthly         Charge Set-Up Fee
a)            1                                              1                       $5.95              $25.00
b)            8                                              5                       $14.95            $50.00
Please help,

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Save the money and go with A.
You can do this with one static ip.  I would recommend buying a linksys router to make things a little easier to manage.  However to explain how this will work I will be broad.  In your router/modem you set it to take the static ip address and use private ips on your lan.  In your router/modem you can setup port forwarding to forward traffic from the public ip address to the private ip address of your linuxbox.  A web server usually runs on tcp port 80 and ftp port 21.  In theory you could run another web server however it would have to run on a different nonstandard port, and the same can be said for a ftp server.  Your if you are not publishing any other services then there will be no additional port forwarding setups.  Your winxp workstation will just route through your modem/router to utilize the web.

Hope this was clear enough, please let me know if you need any additional info on this.

And as a side note you may want do consider a DDNS which basically allows you to publish servers on the internet to a dynamic host name using DHCP.

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don04Author Commented:
Your explanation is very clear. The reason I am going to use the Switch is the DSL Modem already is a router. If I have a nother router that would be more complecate. I see alot people have problem when they have ---DSLrouter ---> LinkSysRouter. I afraid I will be in trouble when setting it up with LinkSys.
Say if I have linksys Router my configuration will be

DSL modem
  |                 |
  |                 |
 Linnux server   WinXp
The DSLmodem  has the DHCP, DNS too and it always spit out the address like 192.168.0...
The LinkSys going to give me the same 192.168.0.

Question :
1) Do I need to turn off DHCP on the DSLmodem when I get the static IP from QWEST?
2) Should I assign dyanmic IP for the LinkSys Router from - not to confuse with the DSLmodem?

I acccepted your 1st ans

I accepted your ans

I am on bellsouth dsl with a westel modem using PPOE.  I just foward all PPOE directly to my linksys router and handle the routing there, however I do know that in my westel modem I can do several firewall/router task like port forwarding.  But my modem has only a single port and I also use wireless so I went with a 4-Port 54G Linksys router.  I have tried several setups with my modem and router.  One is giving the public ip to the modem and fowarding all traffic (dmz) to my router.  Then I decided to handle the PPOE authentication and routing at my router giving it the public ip address.  In the first instance my router was on a WAN subnet and my routers LAN was  Then in the second instance my routers LAN was  On both devices I could configure what subnet I wanted to use for the devices.

DHCP is up to you, you can either leave it on or statically assign the ips to your linuxbox and winxp.  Since it is only two devices and you probally dont want the ips to change I would go ahead and use static.  But to complicate things more you can use DHCP utilizing a reserve feature whereas you make sure a nic always receives the same ip address based on its MAC address.
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