Lexical Analyzer and parser for C/C++

I need lexical analyzer and parser that deals with our own language. lexical and parser can be in c/c++.

keywords will be our own like for int, myint and for char, mychar and so on


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I really like the one from BumbleBeeSoftware.com, and it's only $60. An O-O implementation of lex and yacc, basically.


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Try googling "tiny c compiler source".  You'll find lots of hits.  OF COURSE do NOT just steal the source... look it over and get the general idea of how it's done, then write your own.

BTW watch out:  there's two ways to do it:  doing all the lexical stuff yourself, or using tools like lex and/or yacc to do some of the work.  Make sure you choose the correct path before starting out!

Refer to this site.
It has lexical analyser and parser sample code. Very helpful.

Try http://spirit.sourceforge.net/

Spirit is a C++ templates library that can be used to implement language parsers.
It is a very good tool (a bit involved though).

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