URGENT! Setting up DNS On windows 2003 server

Please review the following problem being faced.

We shifted our dedicated win 2003 server to a new service provider. As a result we transferred 4 domains we had registered earlier to the name servers of the new service provider. i.e ns0.provider.com and ns1.provider.com. The same was properly reflected in the whois database within 48 hours.

Now the service provider says that they can only point the parent domain name that was registered to their company name servers. i.e ns0.provider.com. For the other domains we need to setup a DNS on our server and do it ourselves. What I think they are saying is, we need to setup a DNS such as ns0.mydomain1.com, ns1.mydomain1.com and so on for each of the domain names.

To speak in simple terms, the IP addresses have been assigned and the sites open with IP. But when one types www.mydomain1.com ... the domain name is not being resolved which indicates that the DNS registration has not been performed.

MY QUESTION: I need someone to guide me how to achieve this and have the domain functional.

Please treat this as urgent.

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Hi chops123,
Are you hosting your website? If not then this person is foolish. This is not a very good provider if they are forcing you to do your own DNS. I would call them back. But if you want to install DNS it is rather simple, iyou can do this by following the wizard in Manage My Server.

chops123Author Commented:

Yes, we are hosting our own website and a few of our channel partners on this dedicated server which we recently took from ait.com. They say we will have to use their managed services or pay for getting this done. Over the last 5 years of our hosting experience, no one has asked us to do it on our own. I believed this was a basic thing to get a site working.

Well, I need someone to point me to it or a link that enables me to do it. I have set aside 500 points for this and I feel should be good enough for someone to explain this in detail. If more is needed, I can assign the points not a problem. I want the problem fixed ASAP.


Well, I understand, I think that is a pretty shady outfit then. Here is a step by step from Daniel Petri's site:


Hope this helps.

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I'd have to agree with NetworkArchitek, it sounds like the new ISP doesn't know what their talking about.
If the new provider has taken ownership of the domains, it's a simple job to point the domains to a new ip address.
Sounds like they are trying to pull a fast one and make more money out of you or that you've just talk to someone who hasn't got a clue.

To help out now:
If the Old domain names have been registered with your old ISP, the you could try to contact them and ask them to point the DNS records to the new IP addresses, as a quick fix.

If you see which provider has ownership of the domain name (whois search should tell you that) then approach them to re-direct the new addresses.

I'd also ask to speak to someone higher up the food chain at your new provider to find out why, if they have the domains, they suggest YOU have to set a DNS server.
chops123Author Commented:
You wil be amazed at the response I get from the VP of the co. I dont think customer service is something they value. he give a plain vanilla response about the costs for each service.

I had no option but to ask them to do it and pay for it.,.. and guess what... its been 6 hours and its not yet done

Wow, I'd take my business somewhere else fast and cancel the contract. If you could find a more helpful ISP, then they could get you up and running a heck of a lot faster.

If that's not a option, then a get another ISP to verify this is possible and simple and get your CEO to write a strongly worded letter to the CEO of the provider asking what they are playing at.

ISP's should be a customer focused, the VP should get a swift kick in the pants.

chops123Author Commented:
I am the CEO of the company I run and the CEO didnt have the courtesy to respond. I think if the head of a company isnt responsive enough, I can imagine what the people in the company will be.

Changing ISPs isnt very easy. We run a large portal and also have 4-5 channel partner sites hosted. We are online for 5 years now so you can understand the time it takes each time we shift to a new ISP. I feel all ISPs are the same.

Anyways, do you know a place where I can register a formal complaint against this company.

I've had different experiences with different ISPs, a good account manager and support team can make the world of difference.

Normally ISPs have a governing body, depending which country your in, which you can take complains to. Have a look at their web site and see if they belong to any.

I'd be nevious if you're trusting the business to a non-responsive provider should future "issues" arise and would be looking in to finding a better provider in the mean while.

Good luck!
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