Oracle SGA/Memory settings

I have Oracle running on an intel box as:

dual xeon 2.4,
2gb of ram.
c: 4gb - 150MEG free
d: 46gb - 23.7gb free
(all scsi raid 5)

The SGA/Memory settings are as follows but I was wondering if these are too low and could I safely increase them and if so to what?

Shared Pool: 136 MB
Buffer Cache: 80 MB
Large Pool: 1024 KB
Java Pool: 32 MB

TOTAL SGA: 169.76974

Max Concurrent Users: 2950  --- this is what it's set to but we only have about 150 users in reality, though connections are made via mts so perhaps more than 150 connections opened?

Sort Area Size: 512 KB

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never let all applications running on server exceed 2 gb. system may probable take 500mb, so if there are no running application on the server u have abt 1GB to memory for all your instances (next 500mb is reserve for applications, which are not permanently running, but time to time may be...).
check also size of PGA (u can do it in enterprise manager)
if u exceed the RAM and system begin to swap, it's the end of database performance.
richkeeganAuthor Commented:
I can't see a pga box for this server ? I can see it on my 9.2 server. If I select the sql plus:

NAME                                            VALUE
---------------------------------------- ------------
aggregate PGA auto target                           0
global memory bound                                 0
total expected memory                               0
total PGA inuse                            11,892,736
total PGA allocated                        17,606,656
maximum PGA allocated                      17,606,656
total PGA used for auto workareas                   0
maximum PGA used for auto workareas                 0
total PGA used for manual workareas                 0
maximum PGA used for manual workareas               0
estimated PGA memory for optimal                    0

NAME                                            VALUE
---------------------------------------- ------------
maximum PGA memory for optimal                      0
estimated PGA memory for one-pass                   0
maximum PGA memory for one-pass                     0
this SGA  can not be 167.76 MB. Something is wrong. I calculate it to 250 MB.
if it really is 167 MB then it is too small for the capacity of your system.
In this case increase the Buffer Cache (to 150 MB) and the Shared Pool (150 MB).
The advisors in the OEM will give you after some period the usage figures for these settings.
Try to keep about 500 MB for SGA. Every connection needs 2-5 MB, so the RAM will be enough.

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SELECT value FROM v$parameter WHERE name = 'pga_aggregate_target'; -- size of PGA
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