Problems with Application.OrganizerCopy in Word 2003 !

Hi all Experts :-)

I'm trying to use Application.OrganizerCopy in Word 2003 but it just gives me an error message:
"Run-time error '4198';
Command failed"

Here's the code I'm trying to run:

    Application.OrganizerCopy Source:= _
        "C:\Documents and Settings\Peter\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates\" _
        , Destination:="C:\kjdhfkshf.doc", Name:="NewMacros1", Object:= _

This code works fine in Word 2000 !!

Any ideas ??

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Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services CenterCommented:
Are you sure that's where your resides?  Do a search on your hard drive to find out or go to Tools, Options, File Locations.

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Does it work if you do it manually? If not, it might give you a more informative message.
forsbomAuthor Commented:
I found the solution my self!
It seems that you can't copy from the file!
After a LOT of searching I finally found out what you can and can't do ....
See :

   Source       Target        Valid  Err  Error Message
   Document     Document      Yes
   Document     Template      Yes
   Document     Normal        Yes
   Document     Global Temp   No*    5940 The project item cannot be copied
   Template     Document      Yes
   Template     Template      Yes
   Template     Normal        Yes
   Template     Global Temp   No*    5940 The project item cannot be copied
   Normal       Document      No     4198 Command failed
   Normal       Template      No     4198 Command failed
   Normal       Normal        No     4198 Command failed
   Normal       Global Temp   No     4198 Command failed
   Global Temp  Document      No     4198 Command failed
   Global Temp  Template      No     4198 Command failed
   Global Temp  Normal        No     4198 Command failed
   Global Temp  Global Temp   No     5940 The project item cannot be copied

Shouldn't stuff like this be in "OrganizerCopy Method" page in the help file ???

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forsbomAuthor Commented:
I am not going to delete this but rather split the points so that this question can be found in PAQ

Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services CenterCommented:
Thanks forsbom.
Thanks from me too
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