Favor guys!!!!!!

Hi guys,
I have an ADSL cable coming from my neigbour, and i have 2 PC's in my house and wanna connect both PC's to the internet using this single ADSL cable
what should i have to connect these PC's to surf the internet at the same time? and how?
Note: i don't want to use a hub, router or switch.

looking forward to hear answers from you!!
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Hi Faraway,

Well I am not sure why you donot want to use a router or switch or hub.
Is it because , you want to save money or you plan to technically challenged without them.

Anyway, you can make use of Internet connection sharing


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Go ahead and ease your pains, go with a $20+ router/hub.
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
First thing first...  Does your neighbor live in a separate building from you (or house)?  Where is the DSL modem located?  

Here is the problem if you are thinking of running CAT5 copper between 2 buildings....  As Sun can tell you (my friend the Electrical Engineer) there is a potential electrical difference when connecting copper between 2 buildings...  Am sure he can explain this better than I can, but basically electricity finds the best ground.  If there is a potential difference between the two, you could very well find your network fried by connecting these up....

And, there is no doubt you need a router.. both for security and ease of use...  they are cheap, so do yourself a favor and go get one..

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Buy a cheap linksys broadband router for $20 - $30 and implement it in literally 5 minutes or less. Or is it that your neighbor doesn't know that you are hooking into his ADSL line?
EricIT ManagerCommented:
If your trying to connect to your neighbors network (which may or may not be considered acceptable by his provider) Get a wireless router and avoid the entire potential difference FE speaks of.

ICS is a headach and if your time is worth anything I strongly recommend a hardware solution as everyone above mentioned... YOu can get a combo unit to do the wireless also or get seperate units.
Assuming your neighbor is using the adsl line also
>>Note: i don't want to use a hub, router or switch
not to be rude, but that's a lot like
"I want to get email, but don't want to get a computer"
these devices are made specifically for this purpose, Best bet is go wireless (if the distance is not to great)
that is assumning you have your neighbor's permission to tap into their line :-)
FarawayAuthor Commented:
thank you all
actually, i have the switch but i want to try it in the way i explained,
thank you
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Split the points up...  All good answers here.
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