handling threads in .net compact framework..

I am writing a program for pocketpc, using VS.net 2003
but i can only use Thd.start(), but can't use .Abort() or suspend

any way to solve this problem?

it is very urgent, extra points will be awarded...
thanks !!!
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Because the .NET Compact Framework does not support the Thread.Abort and Thread.Stop methods, an application should stop all thread processes before allowing itself to close.
For reference


Closing threaded applications

Because the .NET Compact Framework does not support the Thread.Stop and Thread.Abort methods, you must be sure that no threads are running when you close a form. This QuickStart overrides the OnClosing method to cancel closing the form when the OK button, in the upper-right corner of the form, is clicked.

Note that a Pocket PC application with an OK button closes the form, and an application with an X button minimizes the form. For information about switching these buttons, see the Pocket PC Form Styles QuickStart. This QuickStart requires an OK button so that the Closing event is raised in order to use the OnClosing method.

Both the OnClosing and CloseButton_Click methods, as shown in the following code example, set the codeRequested variable to true. Only when the thread determines that this variable is true in the ThreadProc method does the thread close the form. The thread closes the form by using ControlInvoker.Invoke to invoke the CloseForm method.

// Set the closeRequested variable to true. This ensures that the
// Close button will not allow the application to close unless
// the thread has stopped running. When the ThreadProc method
// determines that closeRequested is true, it closes the application.
private void CloseButton_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e) {
      closeRequested = true;

// The OnClosing override is called when the user clicks the OK
// button so that the application does not close until the thread
// has stopped running.
protected override void OnClosing(CancelEventArgs e)
   if (this.threadRunning)      
      e.Cancel = true;
      MessageBox.Show("Application will close when thread has stopped running.");
  closeRequested = true;


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ho_alanAuthor Commented:
thanks all
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