Directory Listing Denied. PHP

i installed

Windows 2000 Pro  SP3
PHP 4 ,Apache 2.0.52 win32  &  IIS

While i tried to run the Php application TEST. i found the following problem. In browser i typed the name like  "http://localhost/test/"  but in the browser its display the error like.

"Directory Listing Denied.
 This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed."
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Viji4uAuthor Commented:
if i try to call the function like   "http://localhost/test/index.php" in IE6, its display the source of index.php

is there any setting in IIS? how to set that? i am new to these basic setups.

how to solve this problem?  
Right click on My Computer, Select Manage, scroll down to "Services And Applications" expand this out to the "Internet Information Services" tree, and expand down to your virtual directory. Right click and select "Properties". On the "Home Directory" tab you can select "Allow Directory Browsing" if you want to browse directories. That will get rid of the Vidtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed. If you want it to render index.php as the default page for a directory, Select the "Documents" tab and click add, enter index.php and press ok, press ok a few times to close your dialogs.

You will now be able to see index.php displayed if you go to http://localhost/test

Now the next problem is that you are getting the Source of the index.php file. This is because you have not installed PHP into your IIS Server. This ( section of the PHP manual details how to install PHP into IIS.

Now you list that you also have Apache on your system. It seems possible to me that you have a configured Apache instance running, with PHP in it, and you have put your php files into your IIS instance instead. Apache is a web server. So is IIS. You only need one of them. On windows I'd suggest using IIS as it's native to windows and pretty well integrated. Running Apache is possible, and not too much of a problem, but if you are new to this, then using IIS may be less painful.

You can of course download the CGI version of PHP from here:

Which will give you PHP 4.3.9 installed directly (and working) into your IIS instance, this is what I use at home for development. Then it's just a case of adding index.php as a default document as I explained at first.

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Viji4uAuthor Commented:
Thanks lot for details.

now. Its working fine
Happy to help.
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