Redundancy with Citrix XPa Meta-Frame

Can anyone give me some advice setting up some Citrix servers to provide application availability if a Citrix Server in the farm should fail? I have set up two (for now) servers in a farm, both running XPa FP3. I have stored the database on a separate SQL 2000 server. If I run up applications from clients, it appears to load balance OK but I haven't tested thoroughly yet. However, I really want this for redundancy. The ERP application is installed on both servers, in an identical fashion. I would like have this so that if one or other server dies, the clients on that server get reconnected to the other server with the same session. At the moment if I kill one server, clients can reconnect to the other but only with a new session. The automatic reconnect seems to look for the dead server IP address rather than the farm.

I'm probably doing something wrong - I'd never used Citrix until about two hours ago...
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That won't happen....There isn't a way to take a session (which is running on one server) & move it to another server.  There are many times that I wished it could do that...but it isn't possible.  Load balancing is basically just taking the number of clients, processes etc & determining which of the two servers have the least going on & adding users to that one.

cazzerAuthor Commented:
Thanks - the load balancing works but I thought redundancy was possible to set up. Back to Terminal Services then...
Terminal Services can do redundancy as you want it to?  (taking an existing session & having it move to another server)

You can have Citrix re-connect a session...but you can't have it take the session & move it over to another server
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cazzerAuthor Commented:
Using an Enterprise Cluster it can.
Okay, then yeah, more power to you...I am pretty sure that you can't do it with Citrix.  I have worked with Citrix A LOT & would have loved that feature, but I don't think it exists

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cazzerAuthor Commented:
thanks for your help Rusty.
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