Does anyone know how I can find out who owns a specific IP address?  I received a suspicious e-mail at school and I would like to find out who owns the IP address.  
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If you know the IP address and if it is legitimate one , go to www.arin.net and search in that database

if you need more assistance post back


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or go here and enter ur required IP address >> http://psacake.com/web/eg.asp
DNSStuff is by far the best one-stop-shopping web resource for ip address / domain name queries or tools:  Reverse lookups, whois, traceroute/ping, etc.  Lots of good stuff.


take care,

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Hi all,

I want a help in my project, plz any one who can help me.. I am waiting experts answers..

well, I have a paper about security in IPv6..

I am asking  all who can help to write for me comparison between improvement security in IPv4 and IPv6.

I want to write introduction about how implementing security in the IPv4 versus IPv6
and what is the security algorithm used and how.
also I need to write about IPSEC and how it is implemented in both IPv4 and IPv6..

in summery: who can help write a small paper about security in IPv6 including the references and every thing pleeease.. minimum 6 - 7 pages..

I will be thankful and I am waiting..
no significant difference between IPv4 and IPv6
especially from backbone ISP point of view
major change for IPv6 is gIP Address h
address space is expanded from 32bit to 128bit
text representation is fully changed
decimal expression to hex-decimal expression

Hi cipriancomsa

well you are right..

But I am asking for a paper include the security issue in both IP4 and IP6

well, I want the paper to include:

(1)      Abstract. It comes first in your report, but you write it last.
(2)      Summary. Gives succinct information on the purpose, methods, results and conclusions reported.
(3)      Introduction. Include background material and discuss the scope and limitations of your project.
(4)      Discussion. The body of your report. This includes the methodology used. Be sure to fully describe any figures, tables or diagrams you include.
(5)      Results.
(6)      Conclusions.
(7)      Recommendations, especially for future work and unsolved problems.
(8)      References (must always be included), annotated if possible.
(9)      Appendices, including supporting material as needed.

can you help or any one who is professional in this area??? and I will be thankful..

plz reply sooooon
Uh...i hate to write a paper.I think you can find more informations using google. Here it is an articole with your answer of you questions. Extract from link what you interested. Is not match but you can understand something to write your paper.
In the future if i found an information i will send to you.I'm sorry ...but idon't have time to write a paper for you.
Many informations for your interest you can find with google.
Hi mbcasey,
If he use a proxy or a dial-up connections or a firewall it is a problem to find who send you a   e-mail
You must search a site with informations about  ip.

I give some links to resolve your problem or try to resolve your problem: http://www.programurl.com/easy-ip-address-manager.htm


Thank you for your help, but still the link is not useful..

I really need a paper, plz who can help???

I am similar to you hate to write papers, but what can I do???

plz I need a paper with title Security in IPV6..

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