Why does the Master Field want to be updated?

A2000 XP

I have a form with a ComboBox bound to a table containing Vendor Names.  It also contains a subform with a TextBox bound to an AreaNames table that displays the areanames associated with the Vendor Names displayed in the ComboBox.

The subform wrapper links the two forms with the "Link Master Field" pointing to the ComboBox and the "Link Child Field" pointing to the vendor name col (vendorId) in the AreaNames table.

I can open the form and it will display the areanames based on the default for the combobox and allow me to exit the form with no problems.

However, if I select different vendors from the combo dropdown, it will correctly display the area names for that vendor in the subform but when I try to exit the form, it wants to update the vendor record and claims it can't because one of the fields in the vendor record contains null values.

I don't want to update the vendor records and have tried variations trying to avoid this problem.

How can I get around the problem of the Vendor table being updated?

A copy of the test db can be found at http://www.sscash.com/VendorTest.mdb if needed.


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Instead of using linkmaster / child, use a query for 'Areanames_PopUpSubWrapper' with this type of criteria to filter vendors:


then use me.Areanames_PopUpSubWrapper.requery in on click command for 'VendorNameBox'


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I don't know how you are displaying area names, but the combo that shows vendors should not be bound to a field. You should also not have any code that actually changes values in textboxes in the subform (as opposed to setting filters or record sources).
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