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I have a voip softphone xlite and it all works very well, I would like to develop an application using VB to poll the incoming port so that when a call comes in any info I have in a database for that number can be displayed - any code snippets cheap/free apps greatly appreciated.


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The Xten lite does not provide a way to hand off this information that I know of. The Xten Pro supports an SDK and could do this without question, drawback is that its not free and requires an agreement with Xten, its really meant for OEM's that want to use there technology.

There is another company you may try, www.sjlabs.com, they have a decent product, and are expected to release an open API, they have been good about using people for Aplha and Beta products. I would contact them to see if you can get a hold of the API.

Also here is a link for addtional providers:


Now all hope is not lost if you want to use the Xten lite, you could use an open source SIP proxy/redirect server. Via the SIP server you coukld capture the callerID name and number, then based upon the client the call is sent to you pop that computer with the information.

I would recommed using Sip Express Router that can be found at:


There is limited resources on the VB side for SIP (free or commercial), there are many resources and free full blown code in many cases using the JAIN SIP stack.


Let me know which way you want to go and I can help you out further.

Kindest regards


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MarkTEMAuthor Commented:
Thanks for this great answer-
I have put in a request with sjLabs, but I like the sound of the Open Source SIP proxy redirect, in my search before coming to experts exchange I stumbled into iptel.org but do not really know enough to work out which way to go.  The points are yours for sure
No matter which Softphone you use, you can use it with the SIP proxy server. Are you setting this up for a single user or multiple users? Can you provide more detail on your layout of network, phone system, etc.?
MarkTEMAuthor Commented:

The set up is for the moment single user but I would like it to be extendable to other remote users in future.

Set up I use xlite as the softphone, single user on home wireless network.  The voip service is provided by pipemedia.com
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