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This might not be in the correct section - unsure whether to put with the java stuff....

I have a static html site that needs to be deployed to an Oracle 9IAS (don't ask why) - I have downloaded all the files (and directory structure) from the windows server and would now like to package them up into a WAR file so I can deploy them.

What is the best way to do this?  They are just .html files and .jpg files - no .jsp, .java files at all.  Is there a tool I can use?

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what type of installtion is it? Oracle9iAS java edition or SE or EE or just OC4J standalone?
go to the folder where u have all the files and directory structure and you can just use
jar -cvf yourwebapp.war .

then if it is Oracle 9iAS you can use the EM application to deploy the war file.

Jackass03Author Commented:

I plan to deploy the war file using the Enterprise Manager Console....

How can I do - jar -cvf yourwebapp.war . ?

I'm on a win 2000 machine with new java stuff installed.....

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if u r on windows u can just Zip ur Html files directory which should look like this:

-----> html files
-----> WEB-INF\web.xml

and rename the Zipped file to .war
Jackass03Author Commented:
Thanks for the quick response!

my directory is currently:

---->html files

There is no WEB-INF\web.xml - do I need to create this folder and file?  What should I put in web.xml?

ur web.xml will probably look like this:

<!DOCTYPE web-app PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Web Application 2.3//EN" "">
<web-app id="WebApp">
just a little corretion:
>> <web-app id="WebApp">

to just be:
Jackass03Author Commented:

Thanks for all your help....

I have zipped up my root (which includes the WEB-INF folder with my other folders) and renamed as a .war extension.  In total its 19mb

I have then logged onto the Enterprise Manager Console and created a new OC4J instance and tried to deploy the WAR file.  I put the following in for App Name - web and '/web' for Map to URL.  It seems to load for a few mins and then goes to a page cannot be displayed error - maybe its timing out?

Any ideas?
asume the ORacle 9ias instance directory is on:
and assuming the OC4j instance u created called MyOC4J,
go to c:\oracle9iASInstance\dcm\bin

run a command like this:

dcmctl deployApplication -file pathToMyWar -a aName -co myOC4J -rc /web
after the commands run without error numbers then to check ur successfull deployment u can run:

dcmctl listApplications -co MyOC4J

u should see ur application listed, now try it from ur browser


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Jackass03Author Commented:
All sorted - was a problem at my end with the file getting scanned when uploaded.

Had that resolved and it deployed via EMC in around 20 mins

Many thanks to petmagdy - you've been a star!
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