control key stuck

I have a Toshiba Satellite P25 laptop that thinks the control key is being held down.  Despite restarting several times, every mouseclick and key press responds as though I am holding down the control key.  The actual Control key on the keyboard appears to be working fine (i.e. it is not stuck and springs up just like any key).  I have pressed it multiple times hoping to get it to release to no avail.  Toshiba tech support wants me to send the laptop to them but they cannot guarantee that files and folders will not be lost.  Plus, I use the laptop more than 15 hours a day and I am loathe to be without it.  Any ideas?
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Hello Steve_Brady =)

Try to check for the problem in safemode..... it will asure u that the problem is really with keyboard or some other software is doing this :-?
Send the machine with no hard drive. They shouldn't need it.

Of course, you have a backup, right? If not, use Windows Backup and backup the whole drive to another machine.

I'm afraid there's no way to fix it and use it at the same time.

You could buy an old, cheap laptop to use until yours is fixed. You can even sell it when yours is back or keep it as a spare.

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try reseting the system have seen this work on laptop keyboard problems in the past first you turn the system of remove all devices plugged into it (usb device mice, keyboards, etc) remove the power adapter and the battery, the press and hold the power button for around 30-60 seconds then turn it back on , and if it does need to be replaced, see if they could send just the keyboard if you think you could replace it yourself most computer manufactures have online teardown guides on there support websites that could show you how to do it not sure if toshiba does or not, if not i'd go with what chris suggested and pull the hdd before sending it in.
Try to find used keyboard on Ebay, usually it's $30-40
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