Exchange server in Smarthost setup...Incoming email is very slow..

I have two servers setup in smart host configuration. and
SMTP is smart host for Exchange.
The out going email is perfectly fine... Immediate delivery.
Emails sent inside domaim is perfectly fine... Immediate delivery.
Incomming email seems to work but is taking hours for delivery.
The queue for email destined for Exchange, on is very large...1000+ messages.

How can I rectify this issue...the current config was working fine for weeks...Let me know where to start.
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A couple of things...

Smart Host is not normally used for inbound email. As long as the front-end server can resolve to the back-end server then email should flow through correctly.

What is your usual mail flow? Is 1000+ messages in the queue a valid representation of a hour, day, week of email? Are those emails valid messages? Need to confirm that the box hasn't been compromised and the reason everything is slow is because it is processing all the messages.

Could you also confirm what each server is actually running? Host OS and SP level, and Exchange version and SP level. If Exchange 2000 SP3 which rollup is installed?


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LCiaccioAuthor Commented:
I found my problem...cleared queued rid of NDRs and now all good.
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