DVD/CD Rewriter drawer returns to open.

It might seem I have a pretty sick PC owing to recent problems.. Actually I have 2nd PC jusy built which tends to multiply my current concerns.
It seems I accidentally selected a wrong installation CD from the pile which didn`t correspond to the MS Wizard panel details for installation on booting-up and the DVD/CD Rewriter draw rejected it immediately. Unfortunately the drawer will not stay closed. It will close for a few seconds when pressing the button - then re-open. On re-boot the drawer will close, but again re-opened. I tried putting a DVD in, but it just rejected it immediately remaining stuck out like a sore thumb and equally limiting!
How do I fix this? Thanks - Longlife
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You have to make sure that nothing is obstructing the drawer when it closes, so check that.  If you install this drive on another computer and it continues to behave this way, you may have a broken sensor, and the drive needs to be replaced.

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I've had this happen a couple times. I think what i did was just replace the drive, as callandor suggested.
longlifeAuthor Commented:
Broken sensor would make sense (unintentional subtle pun!). but I was hoping for a simple solution via the desktop.. I misjudged a shelf allowance and the tray was bumped upwards slightly on its excurtion. Didn`t realise they are so fragile.
Thanks - longlife
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