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 Hello experts,
  I have read some articles about VPN, how it works, etc... but I have not get a hand on practice yet, so VPN is not clear enough to me. Can you tell me the basic steps neccesary to use VPN to connect 2 remote sites? For example, Win2000, use which device? install which services, software? how to config? register with ISP?

  Thanks in advance.
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First, you need a VPN server appliance or software.  Run this at a high bandwidth connected location (usally your main office) on the Internet.

Add the approiate client VPN software/appliance to the remote ends.

So you need to decide what of equipment you are going to use to accomplish your VPN.  If you are going to use a set of VPN routers or server software.

Make that decision then your setup will be dictated by the equip/software you use.

Gives us some details on your current network/Internet setup, Firewalls, servers, etc.

Also it would help if we knew how many users at each location and what kind of services were required from each.

Such as are all your services at one location and you just have a few remote users at the remote site?
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dttriAuthor Commented:
 Thanks experts,
  As I mention in my question, I have no experience about real world VPN, so can you please tell me what exactly I will do? For example, use server X from company A and client Y from company B, use this router, this additional hardware... etc. Because I'm newbie, please don't assume I know everything :) Thank you.
Actually, I assumed you knew nothing...hence my link "Configuring a VPN Solution Step-by-Step"...and I stress the "step by step" :)
dttriAuthor Commented:
 Thank all of you!
  I will reply and accept the solution or ask another question soon.
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