System randomly opens line

I have a system with a US robitics 56k faxmodem PCI.   every now and then it will open the phone line with out being prompted and leave it open.  the only way to close it is to unplug the phone line and plug it back in witch closes the line.  I have turned off every auto update i could find set the modem to not connect until i ask and it still does it.  
Any recomadations

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beltvalleycomputersAuthor Commented:
Sorry the OS is XP Home.
it could possibly be the modem itself...this would be good to eliminate, have you ever used that modem in another computer?  Can you put it into another system and test it to see if it is a problem with the modem?
Next best suggestions are scanning for viruses using a program like norton antivirus and spyware/adware using a program like pest patrol, ad-aware, or spy bot.
good luck,

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Most likely, a program is running in the background and is trying to access the internet.

I would install a firewall, like zonealarm, to try to figure out what the program is.

If it is spyware, the next step would be to remove it.

Any way, if you go the Internet Options (in Control Panel) and click Connection, you can set the system to "Never dial a connection". But be careful. Now, before you connect to the internet, you have to manually dial the connection (that's okay - it gives you more control). However, you also have to manually disconnect. If you forget, you pay the bill!

Good luck,

You said that the line is open at anytime, this is related to some SPYWARE program thats trying to access the internet through your dial-up connection.

Go to, and in the search engine, enter:  spyware removal tool.

Or go search for ADAWARE and SPYBOT, the most popular spywre hunters at the moment and than are free.

This is not complicated...just use those two or one of them and you will be fine afterwards.

Sorry  tfjeff, just realised you talked bout it....not copying, pasting :)
Experts on this community have compiled a list of resources to fight spyware. You can get that list and guidance here:
If you want a good , free anti-virus program, you can get one from [AVG antivirus] or [Avast antivirus].
Good Luck!
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