Change of interior color, based on some calculations...


I have a fairly large spreadsheet, where the hours used on a constrution project is calculated. Each activity has a certain amount of hours available, and each month the actual hours spend will be entered in a cell under that month. In order to check is hours spend runs over the budgettet, it would be very nice if the backgroundcolor of cells would change accordingly. Say have a nice light green as long as the added values over the months (could be a range("D10:DD10") is less than the estimate, say "C10". When a number is entered in a given month, and it is less tan or equal to "A10" then light green. This should be static, no later changes... If the hours entered for a given month, added to the previous months is more than the estimate, then the background color should change to a faded red. This way there would be a nice overview over hours entered i the months (Jan-05 in column D, Feb-05 in column E... etc.) under the various activities listed in column B.
I can change colors, but have difficulties with having this done based on values as a result of calculations.

Hope somebody can help...

Thanks in advance,

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jemagnussenAuthor Commented:
Should say that I work in both Excel 2000 and 2003.
jemagnussenAuthor Commented:
New to this forum, this question should probably have been placed under VBA... sorry...
In excel, try th Menu. Format>Conditional Formatting... and tell it what you want.
Someone in the Excel TA would answer this in about three seconds...

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