inactive system process is using up my memory

right now i have 30% free of memory and the process that takes memory the most are


even though right now is not happening when i have trouble the application that takes out my memory and make my computer to freeze or work very slow is
inactive system process
what can i do to make it better??
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gianitooAuthor Commented:
i meant   System Idle Process
Hello gianitoo =)


these two processes are from Panda Antivirus.... so make sure that it doesn't have any problem, like may be it needs a quick uninstall and reinstall !!
And explorer.exe and svchost.exe.... do they run at high CPU in safemode also ??

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gianitooAuthor Commented:
how can i tell if they run high in safemode ?  by going to safemode and check
all xp computers run System Idle Process at 90 to 98 % cpu use its the computer looking affter its self but as you open moor programs the cpu use goes down its a normal function of windows if your computer is freezing and acting up you have a problam with some thing elce
svchost.exe runing high is a posable virus or spy ware do a full system scan with a online av scaner and see if you have a narsty in the computer
yeps :)
panda processes will be not there, but explorer.exe and svchost.exe must be there !!
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