Whos on my network?

I have a wireless connection with Wep enabled without a Mac filter (for visitors). I would like to run a dos command and find out who is connected to my wireless network....The machine name. What DOS command can I run to I accomplish this?
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I would use nbtscan. you can get it from here
the download link is udner the INstallation section.

syntax is....

This will open up a dos window and give you every IP in your range from 1-255, netbios names and MAc addresses. Just change the IP range.
jimageAuthor Commented:
I got the error message that "the connection has been reset by the peer"......
jimageAuthor Commented:
I read the FAQ about the message but "just ignore it"...???
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Just ignore it? I don't know what you mean.
I am running an older version of it, but I will download and see what your talking about.
You did download the win32 binaries version, right? I should have mentioned that.
Create you a folder c:\whoisloggedon
Place nbtscan.exe and cygwin1.dll in c:\whoisloggedon
Edit your PATH statement:
example is XP:
right click on MY COMPUTER and click on ADVANCED tab.
at the bottom click on ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES button.
CAREFULL here.....DO not erase any current values. I you do.....hit cancel
In the system varialbles list (second box) locate PATH
Highlihgt Path and lick EDIT.
click in the VARIABLE VALUE field
Move to the end of the file and type this exactly
Click OK
CLick OK
Click OK
Reboot your machine

Create you a file "whoisloggedon.cmd" with text editor and put this in it, changing the IP range to yours

nbtscan.exe -v

Now run that and see if you get the results like mentioned on the website.
No switces, like above, gives you
User logged on (if detectable)
MAc Address

I just tested this on XP with the version on the web page.

jimageAuthor Commented:
"You did download the win32 binaries version, right?"  < I did what the website told me to do and I downloaded it from the Windows CD. Can you point me in the right direction? thanks.
Here is the diret link to the zip file from the web page

Another little advantage is you can download the gui verion at this link and not have to create/run the command line version.
Download it
unzip the gui.exe file into c:\whoisloggedon
now, run gui.exe by double clicking it or adding a shortcut to it on your desktop
Go to the command prompt and type:


That'll give you the computers name of people on your network.

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